What I’m About

Hi, there. I’m LuckyRobin and I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years in the world of frugal living/paying down your debts. In the last couple of years, my husband and I have found the focus of our lives shifting and as we have now successfully paid off all of our credit cards, we are heading towards our next dream, that of finding a small farm 2 to 10 acres somewhere not too far from the city, but not too close to it, either, while we wait for our house to sell. We have raised chickens and ducks for the past three years and last year I grew and canned a substantial part of our food supply organically and sustainably. When we find our little farm, we will be adding rabbits into the mix and we will see from there.

Meanwhile I look around the almost 1/2 acre that we are living on now and wonder just when it is that we tipped over into making this our own farm in miniature. Was it the day we first broke ground for a garden, the day we first brought home chicks, or the day we added ducklings into the mix? I’m not sure I’ll ever know that moment when I looked around and thought yes, this is a farm, an urban farm, a homestead, but I’m sure it made me smile whenever it was that it happened.

So in this blog, I’ll talk about my animals. I’ll talk about my children, one of which I homeschool and one of which I do not. I’ll talk about cooking from scratch, canning, gardening, eating seasonally, and trying to keep our food coming from the 100 mile food shed. I may even talk about my husband. Mostly you’ll find, I’ll just talk and hopefully you all will listen.

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