This Does Not Make Things Any Easier

I was perusing Craig’s List last night, looking to see if anyone was getting rid of a chicken tractor, when I came across an ad that is not making my choices any easier. There’s a farmer twenty minutes away who is getting rid of her New Zealands meat rabbits to concentrate on Lionheads. They are all pedigreed and white furred. She has 2 proven junior does, 1 proven junior buck, one unproven doe, six six week old kits and five four week old kits that she’s selling as a lot for $175. Adult NZ rabbits usually go for $30 to $35 here. It is a really good deal, especially coming from this particular rabbitry, who raises ehtically and organically and does part-time pasturing during appropriate weather. It’s ideal.

We just aren’t set up for it yet. We have nothing. No hutches, no grow out cages, no orchard hay or timothy hay or organic alfalfa pellets or watering cups or bottles or food cups. We would be totally unprepared and if there is one thing I am very firm on it is not taking the animals until they have the infrastructure to support them. So then I started poking my nose around the list and found a four cage hutch for sale for $150 that they would deliver. I could totally do this, only the husband is in Alaska and when he comes back we are going to Disneyland soon after. It’s the perfect opportunity, but not the perfect time. This is our first big vacation in years and our last one until 2018. My mother would probably be happy to care for them during that time, but she’ll already be taking care of the chickens.

I don’t know. I guess if it is meant to be we will have another opportunity like this at a time that is better for us and any creatures we bring home. It’s just that this one is so ready-made. Or what I like to think of as fairly idiot proof. Not that I’m an idiot by any means, but it is still easier to start out with the perfect set up and have some success right off the bat than it is to start completely from scratch. I’ll talk to my husband tonight and see what he thinks and then I’ll talk to my mother. Maybe it actually is possible.

I got the rabbit book I have been waiting for from the library last night. I’ve been watching youtube vids for months on rabbits, both care of and processing of. It might be worth a shot if all falls into place. I knew there was a reason we set aside a good chunk of our tax refund. I’m really going to have to think on this.


9 thoughts on “This Does Not Make Things Any Easier

  1. Grace says:

    Hahaha, we started out with NOTHING when we got rabbits! Left to drive 3 hours away for a goat kid, cam home with that expected goat, AND 2 rabbits! We headed to the feed store, bought food things and water bottles, and then we put them in large dog crates. It might work out for you! I say go for it… 😉

    • LuckyRobin says:

      Yes, dog crates might work. I’ve been looking at the feed stores for rabbit cages, but they don’t seem to have any. I’ll have to check the pet stores.

  2. honour says:

    Would it be possible to buy but delay taking possessions of rabbits after Disney trip? Alternatively, could you hire a H Sch senior to do daily feed and muck-out whatever you create for quarters/hutches. Could seller recommend a caregiver? H School kids here are always thrilled to get short term jobs to help fund college.

  3. It’s not so bad; you could easilly jump in with a trip to a feed store and a day with scrap-wood and a drill. Here are some ideas for temporary setups.
    Bathtub. Sub-optimal but a bathtup with closing doors will keep them contained for a few hours or a few days depending on how long you don’t wanna shower.
    Cardboard box. A large cardboard box makes a great place to stick the rabbits for 1+ days. But be warned! They can scratch through cardboard in a day or so if determined. Some scrap wood along the walls fixes it, though
    Dog crates. Best. Thing. Ever. A mid-sized (2’X3′) dog crate is the perfect rabbit cage. It is in fact “standard” large rabbit cage size, but taller.
    Deer netting and 2X4’s can make a huge cage that can be assembled in a few hours.
    For feed, rabbits can eat lots of local “forage” such as rose plants, dandilions, grass, red clovers, comfry and broad-leaf plantain. Bags of horse alfalfa cubes are great for giving a protien-rich forage hay and are cheap. Standard oatmeal can be fed, as well as corn and other whole grains, such as you might find in chicken scartch grains. Black oil sunflower seeds work too. Plus almost any vegetable can be fed. Rabbits can eat a LOT of different foods!
    Newspaper or cardboard sheets make great bedding. Toilet paper rolls and a bit of twine leads to a whole world of toy creation.

    It sounds to me like this IS your opportunity! Things like this don’t come around often. I hope whichever you choose, that it ends up being the best for you!

    • LuckyRobin says:

      Thanks, these ideas are very helpful. I have a bunch of big rubbermaid containers I could use temporarily. We have a couple old screen doors that could be set on top. They could sleep in the garage for a few days.

  4. Jewel says:

    We too bought rabbits spontaneously, 2 kits and a pregnant doe, she gave birth to 4 kits a couple nights later. We used dog crates until my husband built our rabbit hutches. It’s a fun experience for the whole family, and really kicks everything into high gear fast. It sounds like a good deal. One of the best ways to obtain everything at once is when you can find someone getting out of rabbits, who wants to sell you everything. Cages, water bottles, hay racks, a tatoo gun, and feed if they have it. We both live in the same area, so probably see the same craigslist posts. I’m always watching the rabbit section, and I have seen several ideal setups for a low price. Good Luck!

    • Grace says:

      That is almost exactly what we did! That’s funny, and I agree with everything you just wrote. It does sort of start things up when you jump into things like that.

    • LuckyRobin says:

      Thanks, Jewel. Part of why I got so gung ho on rabbits was watching your experiences. I did the math and it comes out the $12.50 per rabbit, so it is a really good deal. I’ve been checking through Skagit’s craigslist as well, but not finding as much as is available here. I haven’t actually looked at Snohomish’s, but I’m not sure I’d go that far unless I couldn’t find it closer.

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