A Little Bit Squirrely

The squirrels were out in full force today. I saw both tree squirrels and ground squirrels. They are now vying with the crows to get some of the chicken feed. The chickens are none too happy with that. They’ll chase off the crows, but the squirrels do not seem the least bit intimidated. I haven’t seen any chickadees yet and I’m hoping they’ll come back and nest in our bird house again this year. They’ve done it three years running. It might be a bit early for them.

I went to the feed store in the center of downtown because they carry the rabbit feed we use and it’s cheaper. $14.99 instead of $18.59 for the same exact thing. I was very pleased. I also picked up two hay racks and a pair of nail trimmers. I got the guillotine style clippers. I am not looking forward to that. I will likely wrap each rabbit in a towel and hold it while the husband does the clipping. Or vice versa. Whichever will get me kicked and scratched the least! At least their nails are translucent white so I can see where the quick is.

I looked at some of the rabbit toys as well, but didn’t really see anything I wanted. Well, they had these little balls that looked like they were made out of grapevines that I liked, but they were dyed vivid colors, and since rabbits chew on things I didn’t want to worry about the dyes getting into their systems.

One of the hayracks I got was for Leo’s cage. He’s been doing without one. Then I got one for the grow out cages, which we don’t have yet. I’d have gotten a couple more, but they didn’t have any more. I looked at the cages that they had at the feed store and while they were quite reasonably priced, the doors were very small. While they looked like they were rabbit sized cages, the openings were more like a guinea pig size. Not something you could put a New Zealand White in and out of easily, not even the 8 week olds. Some of the bigger cages would have done as well, but they just had plastic bottoms, no wire, which would mean that the rabbits would be sitting in their own waste. Never a good idea. I don’t even know why they make ones like that.

When we got home from the feed store there was a rabbit sitting in the west side garden. I thought at first it was one of ours, but it had way too much fur. I realized it was the white rabbit that someone had abandoned a couple of years ago. I’ve never gotten close enough to it before to tell, but I think it is a Lionhead. It is certainly shaped like one. It might be part Angora, too. Its fur was so matted and muddy. It made my heart ache. It let me get within six feet of it before it started to move away from me. It didn’t move too fast and it had a limp.

It didn’t seem rabid or anything. I’m thinking if I should try to catch it or not. If I did manage to, I couldn’t put it in the shed with our rabbits. I’d have to keep it in the garage until I was sure it was free of disease and until I knew whether or not it was a biter. And the poor thing would have to be groomed. And some patches of fur would have to be cut out they are so bad. I just feel so sorry for the poor thing. I know it has got on okay for a couple of years and I have seen it with a wild rabbit before a few times, but it was alone today. The shape it was in just makes me want to throttle the people that let it go into the wild like that. Dumping any rabbit is horrible, but a long hair that can’t groom itself is doubly bad. This is the dark side of the Easter Bunny.

If it comes back again I will give it a bit of food and see if I can start working on getting it to trust me. At the very least I can take it to rabbit rescue.


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