Bin of Bunnies

I did the weekend scrub down of the hutches today. I don’t seem to notice the rabbits growing on a day to day basis, but last week when I did this chore all six of the kits could fit in the bin. This week only five could fit in it. And if I compare it to the shot I took when they first came home, I’d say they’ve tripled their weight. I’d say that five of them are at 3 pounds or so and the sixth one is 2.5 pounds. At 7.5 weeks old, that seems like the are right on track to be 5 or 6 pounds at butchering time. They definitely are not going to be ready at the 8 week mark, but I always figured around the 12 week mark anyway.

I need to get a scale so I can measure actual weights. I’m pretty good at guesstimating but I want to know the actual before and after weights so I can get an idea of what I’ll actually have in the freezer.

I was able to determine gender on some of the kits today and reaffirmed that the largest kit is a female, so she will be saved for breeding. I do want to find an unrelated female and male as well for the future of this rabbitry.

When I went out this morning to feed the rabbits and let the chickens out to range, the abandoned stray white rabbit was in our yard. She headed for the back fence when she saw me and I could see her through the shed window as I was putting food in the feeders. I thought about approaching her with some food, but then the neighbor’s dogs saw her and it scared her away from the fence. She skedaddled and I’m not sure where she ended up, but I didn’t see her in the chicken yard or the range area.

I am curious as to why she’s suddenly coming over here all of a sudden. Do bunnies eat layer mash or scratch? Or maybe it’s the weeds and the raspberry and blackberry canes and leaves. Or it could even be some of the hay we’ve put down on some of the muddiest spots. It’s just for a rabbit that never ventured to our side of the street, she sure seems to be coming around now. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that we don’t have dogs here. She just seems awfully comfortable.

For all I know she could have been coming over here all along and I just hadn’t been up to see her. Now with our rabbits I’m up and out there pretty early every morning. Well, I won’t chase her away if she comes back. I’ll try talking to her and see if she doesn’t get used to the sound of my voice. I’d like to rescue her if at all possible, even if she more or less seems fine in the wild, her dirty matted coat can’t be a healthy condition for her to live with.

6 thoughts on “Bin of Bunnies

  1. Grace says:

    The stray rabbit COULD be looking for a buck/doe to get the “deed” done.

  2. Stray bunny could be after all of the above. Rabbits absolutely eat some of the same things chickens do (have you compared layer pellets to rabbit pellets? Main difference is calcium levels…) and all types of berries and grass hays… It could even be the small of other rabbits! I would suggest a live animal trap sometime. Havahart animal traps aren’t too much and having one around could be handy!

  3. That is what I was thinking too…that he/she is coming to breed with the rabbits. And maybe a live trap would be good. In our town you can rent them at the rent-all store. Be careful not to put it out at night though, you will get skunks and raccoons. I hope you are able to help this poor bunny!

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