Really, Mother Nature? Really?

I am utterly rethinking my annoyance with the rain this week right about now. I mean, I know there is a reason why I do not plant before April 15th, generally I don’t plant anything until a week after April 15th, but this is ridiculous. I do not expect to step out my back door and see anything that even remotely resembles snow in the middle of April. It’s not unheard of. Actually it is becoming more common, but it is still surprising. Fortunately the rabbit water bottles did not freeze and the chicken water buckets didn’t either.

We made a trip down to the ranch we buy our meat from and there was more snow on the foothills, particularly around Bow. The ranch we go to is in Skagit County and it is usually a nice drive unless it is raining too hard and then the freeway can be a little scary in places, particularly around Bow. It’s like Bow is in a Bermuda Triangle weather zone, at least by the freeway. It wasn’t too bad today, just pretty frozen.

I had originally planned to make this trip last Saturday, but it never happened. I love going to the ranch and looking at the cattle grazing and the chickens roaming. I’ve never actually seen the pigs, but they range, too, I believe. They have a lovely little farm store that they sell out of every Saturday and I tend to buy $300 worth of meat at a time. I’m not yet able to buy a half a beef or a whole beef because we don’t have a big enough freezer. It’s next on the agenda, though, and I am saving up for it.

I picked up 4 chuck roasts, 8 pounds of hamburger, 10 pork chops, 4 packages of bacon, and 2 packages of beef stir-fry. She actually threw in the final package of bacon free. They seem to do that for us as we come in with a very strict budget of $300 in cash. They like to deal in cash as credit they have to pay to use and checks can always be NSF. So even if we go over a little bit, instead of having us put a package back they throw it in anyway. It’s stuff like that that keeps us going back to them.

They had spring lamb, which I didn’t realize they did, but I hadn’t budgeted for lamb. She said they will have some next month, too, so I will set aside a little extra in the grocery budget next month and we can get some lamb chops. The husband doesn’t really care for it, but the kids and I do, so we’ll just have it when he’s up on the slope.

On the way back we stopped at The Country Store in Sedro Wooley and picked up a couple of rabbit cages. We have some on order but there was a delay in shipping and I really need to start taking the kits out of Piper’s cage now that she has been bred. I picked up waterers and a couple of stick balls, but I need to buy feeders, too, which I will do tomorrow. The lady at the front counter asked if we were getting rabbits and I said no, we had some and just needed to separate the kits because they were getting too big to be in the doe’s cage.

So then she asked if we ever sold them. I said we were really just getting started, but we might do that once we got going so she asked for my name and number. They like to get rabbits from small breeders that don’t rabbit mill them. Rabbits that are used to being handled and are affectionate. They sell them as pets there. So it’s something to think about.

I am hoping that our other cages arrive this week. There are some more New Zealand White does of breeding age being offered and I would love to get two and maybe another buck so we can get into real production. Then we could have enough for meat and sell a few to the store as well to help supplement the feed bill. And we could take them down on a Saturday when we were going to the ranch anyway, so it wouldn’t be any extra in gas.

I haven’t seen stray bunny in a few days. The weather was so nasty and wet the last few days and then today it was so cold she has probably gone to ground to stay warm. I am hoping she’ll come back out when it warms up. I had gotten used to finding her in the flowerbed every morning. The weather should be nicer by Tuesday and maybe we’ll see her again then.

Tuesday should also be nice enough to finish weeding one of the gardens. I doubt I’ll plant in it until May now, but I still want it ready when I’m ready. I’ll need to get some fencing that will allow me to keep the chickens and stray bunny off the starts once I plant them. And also wild bunny that lives in the small copse of trees between the end of our driveway and the neighbor’s. And I’ll be planting lettuce in the window boxes again this year, because planting them in the ground is just asking for it. I do want to get my peas in soon though. Those will go in one of the gardens that is already ready for planting though.


One thought on “Really, Mother Nature? Really?

  1. That little ranch store sounds great! I love excellent customer service and that is what keeps us loyal to certain places as well.

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