Cold and Clear

It was 34 degrees F when I went out to feed the rabbits and let out the chickens this morning. I was afraid maybe things had frozen during the night, but all the water for the animals was fine. The four young ones that I put in cages away from their mama yesterday were happy and alert this morning, though both of them had managed to pull their hay racks off the cage wall. I may have to zip tie them in place or just put up with it until the new cages arrive.

It warmed up a lot today until it is now at 58 degrees. And it’s going to rain the rest of the week until the weekend. Hopefully DH can get that chair moved out of the rabbit shed today and fix the doorknob on the shed door. With the weather staying in the low temps overnight, I think I am going to postpone planting even peas until May. I don’t need to put in the work only to lose whatever I manage to plant.

I’ve been fighting with insomnia the past two nights. That does not make homeschooling fun. Hopefully it passes quickly and doesn’t stay with me all week. There is still so much to do around here and I need to have the energy to be able to do it. Especially in the garden since the weeds are getting plenty of rain to grow. I just want to get my hands in the dirt, you know? Unfortunately the dirt is still mud right now.

There have been no signs of stray bunny since the big wind and rain storm hit. I’m worried about her a little, but there’s nothing I can do so I just try to keep it out of my mind.


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