Rabbits at Nine Weeks

Well, the kits have certainly grown a lot since we first got them in early March. Are they still called kits at this stage or are they now junior does and junior bucks? Anyway, a few days ago I took the two biggest girls and the two biggest boys out of Piper’s cage and put them two to a cage. Today I took the smallest boy away from Piper and put him in with the other two boys. I am leaving the runt, the smallest girl, in with her mama for a few more days and then she will go in with the girls. Piper should be 8 days pregnant and I want her alone by the time she is two weeks pregnant. This way the runt won’t be competing for feed so much and has a chance to catch up in size. She’s not as far behind as she was when all six kits were in with Piper.

We did the super duper heavy duty clean out today of the rabbit shed. We ended up filling two empty feed sacks with manure, one that originally held 50 pounds of chicken feed and one that held 40 pounds of rabbit feed. The last time we sacked up manure for the same time period, it only filled one bag, so they’ve doubled their output. That of course is because of their major growth and going from primarily drinking milk and a bit of feed to eating feed and hay full time.

We sprayed out all of the bins and trays that go under the cages and hutches, then I put straw down on the floor around the bins, because sometimes they miss and the straw will at least soak up the urine that misses. Since I don’t have a mop for out there this seems like a good option. Plus it will provide some brown for the compost bins. They’ve been getting too much green and are smelling like ammonia, which they never should. Mom has been adding too much green without breaking it up. I’ve been trying to teach her how to do the compost right, but she doesn’t listen. In my twelve years of composting I have never had stinky piles until this spring. It’s not me.

Queen survived the night and even made her way down the ramp from the chicken coop this morning, but she had to be lifted in tonight. She still went to sleep in the nesting box instead of trying to get up on the perch with the other chickens. I hope she will shake off whatever it is that is wrong with her. She seemed a little better, but that might just be wishful thinking. She spent most of the day huddled under the eaves of the house out of the rain. She had her own little bowl of water and feed so she didn’t have to venture out, but could still be outside.

Stray bunny was over again, but she still won’t let me get near her. She is really dirty again from the rain and the mud. I’m afraid to put out a live trap because we have had a skunk going by this week. I really don’t want to trap that. She still seems like she is doing well, so I think I’m just going to let her be and if she gets used to me enough, maybe in the fall I can catch her before the really bad weather sets in. She doesn’t seem to mind the rain. She just sits out in it. I have noticed a hole being dug behind the garage. At first I thought it was the chickens and their dirt baths, but this is getting deeper and is more like a hole than a wallow, so maybe she is digging herself a new home. I’m okay with that. It’s a safe place for a small warren and I’d worry about her less.

I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to do the fencing around the gardens, though. I don’t want to let stray bunny have all of my greens when I plant them, I want some for me. I need to go to the big box store and see what they have. Ideally I’d like something that would keep out both stray bunny and the chickens. Though I doubt there is anything that will keep out Curious and Georgie, who can somehow manage to get anywhere they want to be, even with clipped wings. The fencing I used last year has managed to find itself another home elsewhere on the property. And anyway, it didn’t work very well against the chickens. I’m not sure anything but full netting would.

I want to get out in the garden so bad. We are finally past the last frost date, but I am being majorly suspicious of it, being as we had snow on Saturday. I know I should just wait until May, but it’s hard. The incessant rain makes it a little more bearable though.


2 thoughts on “Rabbits at Nine Weeks

  1. I put put my peas a week ago and tonight it is dropping to 35 degrees. Aint that the way it goes?

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    Pretty much. Although peas at least like the cold weather.

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