Pretty Pregnant Piper Picks a Proper Pillow

Well, here’s a photo of Piper in her new digs. We put her in here about a week ago and she’s been pretty happy. She loves stretching out like this or even more fully. I spent some time observing her yesterday and she does seem larger around in the belly area. She is also acting a little grumpy. When I came out this morning she had made a giant nest with a nice rounded hole in the middle out of all of the hay and straw bedding I gave her last night. It was a big nest. I know there are a few rabbit raisers following this blog. Is it normal for her to start making a nest so early?

It has been 22 days since she was bred and now I’m worried they might come early if she is nesting. The books say to not put in the nest box until day 27. I don’t want to put the box in yet. There is no way she could have gotten pregnant sooner.

She could just be making herself really comfortable with her bedding. She isn’t pulling fur at all yet. And the size of the nest that she has made and the amount of bedding in it would be more than adequate to give birth in, but they wouldn’t survive born this early. I’ve also read about phantom pregnancies, but those usually end 18 days after they have been bred.

I am hoping she is just making practice nests out of instinct. Do they do that?

There is still no sign of Angel Bunny after the last storm. Normally she would have been back by now so I’m afraid she’s either moved on or been hurt or someone else caught her. I hope she’s okay. That’s the thing with stray animals. They hang around for a while and then sometimes you never see them again.

I didn’t get the garden weeded yesterday. Despite it being sunny, the ground is still really wet and so the dirt was caking. I think I need to let it dry out another day, possibly two. As much as I want to start planting, I don’t want to be covered with the mud that is still less than an inch under the surface. Maybe tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Pretty Pregnant Piper Picks a Proper Pillow

  1. Grace says:

    Some does make nests as early as 21 days along. Some of them are just really anxious to build their nest and will usually calm down after they build their nests. I have not yet EVER heard of a litter coming early, so I highly doubt that will happen.

    • LuckyRobin says:

      Well she’d pulled it all apart by this morning and then she had it back together in a different corner the next morning. I think she’s trying to figure out where she wants to put it still.

  2. My rabbits often make their nests at three weeks. Is your nest box sturdy? Made out of wood, metal or other very durable material? If so, put it in now! Put it in where she built her nest and put the nest she made in it. If she doesn’t like it you may need these next two weeks to acclimate her to it! Often times a rabbit will reject the nest box at first; it’s a strange new object in their cage that smells funny! They want nothing to do with it and it can be a bear to make them nest in it. Sometimes I have to train my rabbits to nest in their box, and in the case of Kibbles she refused any box I put in. One of my rabbits only likes very large boxes. My rabbits tend to like pulling fur the day they give birth or just a few days before, so don’t be too worried about the lack of fur.
    Bunnies don’t give birth early. The earliest I have heard of is on the 28th day, but most (like 99.9 percent) give birth between 30 and 33 days. Rabbits have extrodinary control over their birthing and won’t give birth until they feel they’re ready.

    • LuckyRobin says:

      The nest box is the standard metal one with the wooden bottom. I bought one just like the one the breeder used.

      The books I read said that if I put the nest box in too early she might use it as a littler box and then not want to nest in it later because of that. But it seems to me that she really wants to have a nest.

      • She might, but more likely since she’s desperate for a nest she’ll just nest in it. Also, everything I have read has said if the bunny is nesting; put in the box no matter what day it is!

  3. LuckyRobin says:

    I went ahead and put the box in this evening. She pushed it across the cage and into the place she wanted it and then proceeded to arrange it to her satisfaction. It was something to see. Clearly she was ready for the nest box.

    • Grace says:

      Yep, usually when they have made a nest they will leave it that way. I know that if you put it in to early and they DON’T nest in it, they will use it as a litter box, but when they want a nest they leave it as one. I do have one doe that will poop in it after she makes her nest once or twice, but I usually just pick out the poop once the babies are born.

      • LuckyRobin says:

        She made a burrow in the nest box and is otherwise leaving it alone now. When we pulled out the drip tray to dump it today we could tell she was not going anywhere near the nest box with her droppings. She seems more content now.

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