New Digs–A PVC Hutch Frame for Rabbit Cages

Here is one of Piper’s kits at 2 days old. I can see that it has already grown just since yesterday. I only had it out for a minute. It really wanted to go back to its litter mates. I checked over each one and they all had round little tummies. They really are a little miracle. Piper didn’t even need to be bribed today for me to take out the kits, but she did check them over good when I put them back in the cage.

Things around here seldom go as planned and it took a couple days longer to get the PVC hutch frame built, but it is…well, not done, but usable and we will be able to add another level to it as well as build on to either end when we are ready to do so and the big box store gets in more pipe, because we pretty much wiped them out. This first pic shows the diagonal cross bracing on the ends to give it more stability.

Most of the ones we looked at online didn’t have any cross bracing, not even on the bottom. They just had the pipe going straight into the ground. Here is a full view of the frame. That chicken is Georgie in the background exploring the new cages.

And with the cages in place.

Here it all is in place in the shed with some very delighted bunnies in their new 30″ by 30″ cages. That is Lola who looks like she is floating in mid-air. She was mid-jump when the camera clicked. They are 13 weeks old today.

They are so happy to have the space. They were running in circles, leaping into the air, doing flips, and jumping over each other. It is amazing how just a couple more square feet of space excited them. The cages aren’t as tall as the other ones, but there is way more floor space. Of course, then they all curled up into a pile to go to sleep in one corner.

The eight week olds are doing well. They seem to like being outside. I had to pull the tarp partway over the front of the cage as it had just started raining and it is supposed to rain hard tonight. I left about six inches at the bottom so that they still had fresh air and a bit of the fading light. They are very friendly and not afraid of us at all.

I did a headcount yesterday and realized we currently have 19 rabbits. Of course seven of those are newborns and five of those are going to be butchered in a bit. We will really only have 7 rabbits “on staff” so to speak, with various numbers growing out at any given time.


7 thoughts on “New Digs–A PVC Hutch Frame for Rabbit Cages

  1. First time I’ve seen a PVC setup. Looks super good and, most of all – easy to hose off, if needed!

    Skully kindled today. Ten. Puts us at 25 kits under 6 weeks.


    Lotsa work ahead!

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    Yeah, it will definitely be easy to clean. And my son and I can easily haul it out of the shed on our own if my husband is in Alaska when we need to.

    Oh, that’s great. I’m glad Skully didn’t have a false pregnancy. But yeah, that’s a lot. Still, you have that excellent new crate cage you made so you have some breathing room.

  3. lizreeb says:

    The PVC set-up looks awesome! Love it! And love the little baby rabbit pic. Glad to hear Piper is doing well with them!

  4. That setup looks great! I have been thinking about switching up cages some and building some to go inside the garage so we can have more bunnies… That PVC setup might be the way to do it!

    • LuckyRobin says:

      It was really easy to do and it really is nice to be able to stack the cages. A lot of folks do it with less bracing, so it’ll be cheaper, but I felt those designs were too rickety. This one is very solid and I’m not worried about it falling apart or bowing.

  5. […] further. We have decided to build a PVC pipe hutch and cage system in our garage, very similar to This One that Robin built. Ours will be a six-hole unit and will take up a whole wall in our […]

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