Finished the Hutch Frame

My body is definitely feeling yesterday. We got a lot done though, especially the big stuff that I needed the husband’s help on before he leaves for Alaska tomorrow. The PVC hutch frame is completed for now. It was made to be added on to eventually, but for this original build the plan was for a total of four cages. We have three of the 30” x 30” cages on the frame and one 24” x 24” cage. We moved the grow out cages to the top level and then moved Phoebe into the bottom 30” x 30” cage. The 24” x 24” had to be suspended from the pipe on top and then we were able to rig one of the plastic drip pans I bought in the beginning to fit underneath it. So that one is hanging, but it works perfectly and is very secure. Leo, our buck, went into that cage, and has been eyeing Phoebe ever since.

Phoebe is playing it cool, though. She’s only 4.5 months old so is not really interested in him so much as she is about the new cage. I think I’m going to make up some name tags to stick on the cages. The place where it has the equipment name is the perfect surface to adhere something to.

We moved the other two wooden frame hutches outside and over by the kits in quarantine. There is so much more room in the shed now. We didn’t get all the scrubbing done that I had hoped for today. We did take the pieces of linoleum out and spray them off really well and put them back in on the floor. We put the coffee table down where the wooden hutches used to be and we will be putting the black Wabbitats there once they get scrubbed out.

I do think it won’t take much to make one of the outside hutches into a quail cage. Not ready to do that yet, but they are adaptable. I think we will still need them for a while as bunny cages. We are going to be needing at least two more grow out cages when Phoebe is old enough to have kits, for a total of four. I’d like another 24” x 24” when Starbuck is big enough to move. Bucks don’t need more space than that. Lola will need her own cage and Serenity and Sweetie Belle can share for some time yet.

I think the husband will build another PVC frame hutch the next time he is home. I think we could fit four cages against the side wall, including Piper’s. I think that will be a total of 10 cages, plus the wooden hutches. We should be really set with everything then. But the frame will be a June expense and then 2 cages will be a July expense, and then since August is a big birthday month here, plus school clothes for the daughter, the remaining cage or two that needs to be purchased will be a September expense. And that’ll be around the time that the youngest will need the bigger cages so it all works out and they’ll be inside before the weather turns foul.

The husband is going to draw up a formal set of plans for the hutch frame based on his notes. He is an electrical engineer, but his first degree was in architecture. So he’ll make a set of blueprints and a list of supplies sometime over the next couple of weeks. Then I’ll put them up on this blog along with photos of the completed project if anyone is interested in seeing how we did it. This thing is solid.

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