My Fridge is a Disaster

I’ll be working on my fridge today. While I got it organized fairly well there is a lot of sticky residue behind the neat facade. Or should I say underneath it? It doesn’t matter how careful we are, it seems like something always manages to leak down the back wall of the fridge and end up pooled under the vegetable drawers. And it’s always something that I have no chance of identifying. Sometimes I think it just appears there from some random crack in the space/time continuum. I mean, we avoid food coloring like the plague here, yet there is currently something that resembles black cherry gelatin under the carrots that needs scraping off. I also need to organize the top.

When I’m done with that then the son and I are going to do five lessons of science today. We are a little behind and we’re studying space and the solar system and he’s very interested so now seems like a good time to get caught up. Hopefully I can focus on it for that long. I managed to bang my forehead on the outdoor bunny hutch last night when I was bending down to put a rabbit back in and I’ve had a mild headache there ever since. There is a very faint bruise.

I think I’ll make bread today. It has been a while since I’ve baked. I used to make bread and rolls a couple of times a week, but got out of the habit when I got sick at the end of January. Today seems like a good day to start it up again. I generally eat similar to paleo, but sometimes you just want bread and potatoes. Today is a bread day.

The rabbits had a really good afternoon yesterday. We had the boys out for about 20 minutes just running around on the shed floor, and then the girls got a turn. Then we let Leo run around, too, by himself. He was really into sniffing everything and he was harder to catch and get back in his cage. Well, he wasn’t too hard for me to catch. The son kept trying and Leo was having none of that, but he let me pick him up no problem. They all really liked the freedom.

We tried to get Phoebe to leave her cage, but she refused, huddling in the back corner. She’s shy and she still isn’t as used to being handled as the others. I feel like it’s a good day with her if she lets me pet her without flinching. I am hoping to get the flinching trained out of her by the time she’s old enough to breed. Now that I can reach her easier I just pet her every day without trying to pick her up. She’ll learn to trust me in time.

Piper has lost a good amount of her pregnancy weight and is getting a slimmer silhouette. The kits continue to grow and are starting to look like their eyes are going to open. I think I may have been overfeeding Leo because he is looking pudgy. I think the son sometimes gives him a little extra feed and that needs to stop. I might have to be in charge of all of Leo’s feed. I don’t want him to get overweight so that he can’t perform his manly duties.

The nine week olds are doing well. I haven’t seen any male behavior from the young buck yet. I know that it is just a matter of time, but I should be able to separate him from his sisters on Sunday. They’ll be through quarantine then and can go inside the shed.

I hope to get the rabbits out on grass soon for a little bit of time each day, but it has to dry out first. It’s supposed to rain all week, with Sunday being sunny and Monday being overcast but dry. Hopefully there will be some dry enough breaks on some days to get some outdoor work done. Judging from the sun right now we might actually dry out today. I think someone messed up on the weather chart because they have the symbol for snowing up for today and it’s already 54 F so I don’t think that’s happening! The ground is all mud so I don’t know how much gardening I can do in it.

I am still reading up on quail. Right now I am reading a book called Upland Gamebirds. I wish I could find something a little more specific to just quail. It seems to focus more heavily on pheasant. I think I’m going to have to do more research on the internet as opposed to the library. I’ll do some more looking at the library today though since I have a hold that is ready for pick up. It’s a book on butchering, tanning, and preserving meats that I’ve been waiting for for some time. A little more information never hurts.


2 thoughts on “My Fridge is a Disaster

  1. Liesl Garner says:

    I’m looking forward to hearing on what you find out about Quail. We have thought about adding geese to our mix of poultry out here. Very fun to see what all you do around your place on a daily basis. Seems about like my To-Do list!

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