Quarantine’s Over

It has been four weeks since I brought home Serenity, Sweetie Belle, and Starbuck so they moved into the rabbit shed at last. The Wabbitats had been scrubbed down with bleach and heavily rinsed, then left in the sun to bake for a week. That is supposed to be the best way of making sure that you limit any possible contamination from past inhabitants.

It was definitely time to move them, too, as in another week or so Starbuck will start exhibiting mating behavior and could possibly impregnate the does at far too young an age. Also, the combined weight of between 14 and 15 pounds was starting to pull the hardware cloth free from the bottom of the outdoor hutch and I have no clue where our staple gun is to fix it. Although I might fix it with screws instead. It could just pull free of the staples once more.

They were very curious about all of the other rabbits in the shed and seemed to be happy to have more space to stretch out in. The two does can stay together for a while yet. I may pick up another Wabbitat this month, but I’m not sure. The place that carries them is in Skagit county and since the bridge collapse we have avoided going that way. So it may be July before we head in that direction. Our plan for this month is to build the rabbit tractors and then maybe towards the end of the month, build another PVC hutch frame.

I might be able to just put the two does in one of the grow out cages, since the next batch of babies can be kept in one grow out cage since we will be slaughtering them earlier on and won’t need to separate the boys and girls. July is when I planned to purchase two more big cages and one slightly smaller buck cage. Starbuck will be fine in his Wabbitat for a couple of months. I guess we will see how it goes. And a lot will depend on whether or not Phoebe accidentally got pregnant on the 28th or not, because if she did then I will need the second grow out cage, but of course not until 8 weeks after she kindles.


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