First Harvest

There aren’t going to be a lot of harvests this year, I’ve pretty much given up on getting any kind of garden in, but there will be fruit. That is one of the nice things about berries and fruit trees. They come back year after year even if you more or less ignore them. The raspberries are ripe and the blackberries are red so should be ripe soon.

Today was one of those muggy days that aren’t super hot, but are miserably warm. The only way to be comfortable was to sit in front of a fan. It sprinkled off and on, but mostly just felt like being hit with a moist towel when you walked out the door. The rabbits, however, couldn’t have been happier to be outside, even if it meant the top of the tractors were covered with a noisy tarp.

I still find it amazing how much joy they get out of being out with so much space to play in. Piper was a stinker again today, though, and did not want to come out of the tractor. We left her out by herself for an extra half hour. She was out for at least six hours today. It was raining too hard in the morning to have them out before one or I would have had them out longer. We ended up having to very slowly turn the tractor up on its end so we could get a hold of her. I will be glad when the husband modifies the tractors so we can just step inside and scoop up any rabbit who doesn’t want to cooperate. I do wish I could leave them out all night. Maybe when we move we can somehow hook up a portable shelter to each tractor that can be locked down at night. I don’t know.

I still can’t tell for sure what is going on with Phoebe. She does get in and out of the nesting box, but she took all the hay out and ate it. The pine shavings and straw are still in it. There is no sign of a burrow. There is no sign of pulling fur. But her dewlap is huge and her belly seems bigger. Today is day 29. I just have no idea. It’s hard to wait, but what else am I going to do? I gave her plenty of fresh hay and put some back in the nesting box. At least she hasn’t decided to use it as a litter box.

The kits are growing like crazy this week. They are noticeably bigger than the pictures I took of them on Sunday. I think several of them will hit the 3 pound mark on weigh day. Even the little one seems to have put on some solid weight. A couple of them were reluctant to come out of the tractor today, too, but we bribed them with fresh raspberry leaves. That did the trick. Leo didn’t protest much. He ran up and down twice then stopped by the door and let us pick him up.

We had a crow getting into the chicken coop for a few days last week, before we realized what was going on. We usually open all the doors to air it out during the day. But the eggs kept getting pecked at and broken. None of the chickens showed signs of egg eating. Then we saw the crow coming out. So now we just open the hatch in the mornings and then about two p.m. they have all laid their eggs for the day, so we collect the last few and then open all the doors up. The crow won’t go into the hatch. The chickens are happier. I think that crow was going in there when they were trying to lay and it was making them really upset. After a couple of days of following this new system, we are back up to 8 or so eggs a day.

I have been extremely tired this week. I went off caffeine on Tuesday, which always makes me sleep a lot. But I should be through the worst of it. Now if I can stay off it. It does nothing good for me.


4 thoughts on “First Harvest

  1. I have never heard of a crow going into a coop and eating eggs. That is interesting. I am glad you got it figured out and are back up on production.

  2. Grace says:

    I would try using straw for Pheobe. Less appealing to the rabbits. Does she get hay every day? Try using hay in her cage but using straw and wood chips in the box. Try making a hay rack for their cages, it is very easy if you have some J-clips. If she hasn’t done anything at all, I am greatly leaning towards her not being pregnant.

    • LuckyRobin says:

      There is straw in there.. Yes, she gets fresh hay every day. We use it for feed and bedding. She has a hay rack, but she likes to pull everything out of it and then pulls it off the wall and it can be clear across the cage by the next time I go in there. I am leaning towards not pregnant, too, but I’ll wait out the remaining few days just to be sure.

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