Trying to Keep the Crew Cool

It’s no longer humid, thank goodness, but it is hot. 81 degrees F. At about one o’clock I took frozen bottles of water out to the rabbits. They were all panting when I went to check waters, even though I left the door open for extra air circulation today. About three o’clock the temperature spiked and the breeze went away so I took a circulating fan out and set it up in the rabbit shed. That seemed to offer them some more relief. It was too hot to put them in the tractors today. The grass was in full sun for too long. Most days so far have been overcast even if they have been hot.

I’ll have to clear some of the stuff out of the shady area so we can use it. The temps are supposed to be high all week, and they need to be able to go outside. Mostly it’s things like picnic benches, the porch swing (never been used on the actual porch), and a table. That will free up some shade nicely. And if I dig out some buttercups there will be even more space for the tractors. I’ll just have to wait until 8:30 or 9 when it has cooled off enough to do that.

We are taking a cue from the rabbits and using ice packs and fans to keep cool. Fortunately I have a large number of ice packs from when I had my knee surgery, so we can all have one and then change it out with a replacement one when it is no longer cool. It really makes a difference in my comfort. Well, that and twisting 18 inches of hair up into a loose knot to keep it off my neck. Days like this I want to go and cut it all off.

I so don’t want to cook tonight. I wonder if I can get away with cold ham sandwiches, cucumbers, and fruit salad. Quite possibly.


10 thoughts on “Trying to Keep the Crew Cool

  1. If your cages have room for it, a 12 by 12 tile is a awesome thing for them to sit on to help keep cool, I only use them for a few weeks in the summer but they store easy enough and they can be got dirt cheap in the discount pile at a home depo etc

    Didn’t have much issue with the rabbits in my heat/humid this week but did have a issue with the cow.. thankfully got it all sorted out.

    • LuckyRobin says:

      Yeah, I think I’ll try to make it to the store tomorrow and see if they have those tiles. Most of the cages are 30″ by 30″ so there is a lot of room in them.

  2. It’s been over 115 here today. One of my chickens is severely heat stressed. Not sure if she is going to make it or not. I guess this is the rough part of keeping animals… We could use a cool down. I hope you can keep your bunnies cool.

    • LuckyRobin says:

      I don’t think I could handle desert heat like that. I start wilting at 75 and the couple days we get at 90 about do me in. The rabbits seemed to really cool down with the fan on. Maybe your chicken needs a fan? I’ve heard that lightly misting them can help, too.

      • I added a fan this morning. They were a little curious. We ended up losing the one yesterday 😦 I’m hoping that the fan, lots of cool water and we actually made a couple of big ice blocks to set out there, if nothing else they can stand next to them. This is always the worst part of the year. Monsoons start soon and the temp drops but the humidity goes up. I have no idea why anybody lives here. Ugh…

        • LuckyRobin says:

          I read something last night about changing their water several times a day with really cold water or putting ice in the waterer could help the chickens to stay cooler. Also if you can create big shady spots for them somehow. The blocks of ice will probably help a lot. Sorry you lost the one girl. That’s always a sad thing.

          • We have been doing all of the above. Yesterday was another scorcher. Today shouldn’t be quite as bad, only 111. Ugh… Everybody made it through yesterday and is doing good this morning. I’ve been giving them lots of cold, very juicy fruit with their normal feed and adding just a shot of gatorade to their water to help their electrolytes.

  3. We are doing frozen water bottles and a fan here too. Every afternoon at about one my son takes them out and brings in the thawed ones from the day before. This is our first summer with this barn so we are trying to figure out good ways to cool it. The roof is in constant sun and by afternoon you can feel the heat pressing down from above. We put in some vents to help cross circulation and let out the heat up high but it didn’t help much. We will keep experimenting.

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