Blueberries Galore

The weather has finally broken. Today felt almost cold at 72 degrees F with a breeze. It is finally comfortable enough to pick berries and not feel like the sun was trying to deliberately give you a case of heatstroke. The chickens are convinced that those of us with two legs are a blueberry delivery system for them and they will peck at the feet of any person who they think is not sending some their way fast enough. They still engage in jumping for berries on their own. The lower branches have all been stripped of anything blue, but since the bushes are six feet tall there is plenty to go around for everybody. Still, we need to get busy because the chickens won’t be the only birds trying to strip all the blueberries if we leave them much longer.

We separated two more kits from Piper tonight. Now the only one still in with her is the runt, who will stay with her a few more days, possibly a week in the hopes that it will gain some more size. We placed the two we took out into a Wabbitat. We cleaned out the last big cage and brought it into the shed and finally separated Serenity and Sweetie Belle. Serenity is very happy about her new solo accommodations. Sweetie Belle seems annoyed. Probably because she has no one to pick on or try to assert dominance over. If ever a rabbit was less aptly named it would be Sweetie Belle. I am thinking of dropping the Sweetie altogether and just calling her Belle. She’s not mean, but she’s just not that nice, either.

All of Phoebe’s kits have their eyes wide open today. I found all eight of them out of the nesting box this morning. They’d made a nest in the hay on the floor of the cage. Phoebe gave me such a look. It was like, “Can’t you do something about these guys so I can have some peace?” I carefully scooped them all back up one by one and nestled them safely in the box and then covered them with a light layer of hay since it was so breezy today. Phoebe then looked them all over carefully, gave me a look of approval (she did!) and settled herself down to munch on the chard I’d brought her. The kits seemed very happy tucked in like that and did not come out of the box again today. When I checked on them in the evening a couple of them had started grooming. That is the most adorable thing in the world.


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