Too Many Days in the 80’s

I honestly don’t know how roses do it. The look so crisp and fresh despite the blazing sun. I want to wilt. How they stand up to it, I’ll never know. I feel like all I do lately is complain about the weather. When I was a kid, it rained in the summer quite often. These last several years, the last five in particular, we seldom get rain July through September. I know it has rained twice this month, at night, simply because the rain barrels filled up again on two different nights. The kids and I slipped off to the pool today from 4 to 5. It was nice, but that has been a rarity this summer. The seven week long sinus infection is finally over so hopefully we will get there more now.

With the heat spiking back up here again, the poor rabbits are feeling the brunt of it. I had to take them out of the shed far earlier than normal this morning. I also set up two oscillating fans blowing right at height to Phoebe’s cage. I thought two of the kits were dead this morning from the heat, but as soon as I picked them up and put them in front of the fan’s breeze they started to revive. It was scary. It had only been an hour since I had checked on them. I did arrange the nesting box so that it allowed a small area to be blocked from the fans if it was needed, but they seem to be happy right near where the fans are blowing in.

I am going to have to get a couple more fans and another extension cord. I cannot cover all of the cages with the fans we have. And I will need one for Piper’s cage. I don’t put them out until there is a small amount of shade outside that will grow larger, so from 8 to noon they are in the shed. In a few more days we’ll stop taking Piper outside. She has already built her nest. She built it on the 22nd day of pregnancy just like she did with the last litter. Like clockwork, that one. Of course in a few more days we’ll give her an actual nesting box. I need to sterilize it. She’s due around the end of the month/start of August. It’s almost time for me to take away the nesting box from Phoebe’s kits. End of the week, I think. Mostly I am leaving it in so that Phoebe has a place to get away from the kits when she doesn’t want to nurse.

I went and bought a large dog kennel today. I’m going to wrap it with wire we have and make an impromptu tractor. I’ll put Leo, the biggest rabbit, in it and then start bringing Phoebe and the babies outside under the shade in one of the better put together tractors. I just can’t keep leaving them inside. It is too hot and I don’t want to lose kits. I’m really dreading when Piper has her kits if it is going to stay this hot. They can’t come out for a few weeks. I worry about having a fan blowing when there are newborns. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to cool the cage without completely freezing the babes.

The chickens have not budged from under the apple tree except to lay their eggs. One of the silly leghorns decided it was going to lay straight on the ground under one of the blueberry bushes this morning. I know it was a leghorn because those are the only chickens we have that lay white eggs. We’ve been changing their waterers (and the rabbit ones too) a couple times a day so that they don’t have to drink really warm water. They seem to appreciate that. We also are feeding them a lot of watermelon since it has been on sale. We eat a lot of it, but leave enough on the rind for them to enjoy themselves. And they love the seeds. I think seeded watermelons taste better anyway, so buying them works out for everyone.

We are getting a lot of apple and Italian prune drops. I’m sure it is the weather. I hope we’ll actually get some prunes to eat, but hard to say at this rate. We had such a good crop last year. And we had tons of blossoms this year, but that was in a far rainier month. I picked up some clover seed today. I want to start some in fodder trays. I’m also going to seed the empty patch of grass (or what should be grass) with it. I did find two big patches of clover in the front perennial flower garden. Weeding has not gotten done in the heat, but that is just as well for the rabbits.

We have picked up another bunny. Well, not really, it’s just a little cottontail who has been visiting. Princess Angel Bunny never came back after that huge storm, but this little brown bundle has been hanging around all week. It is very wary. I think it lives in the warren up by the road, but of course is attracted by our herd, just like the poor abandoned angora we were trying to tame enough to take care of. No chance of us trying to tame a cottontail, though. But if he wants to hang out, he’s welcome to.


2 thoughts on “Too Many Days in the 80’s

  1. valbjerke says:

    You might consider filling the rabbit waterers with an inch of water and freezing them (upside down) then fill with water and hand them in the cages – the ice will float – and keep the water a lot cooler longer 🙂

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    I have thought about partially freezing, but I don’t have enough water bottles to do that. I’d have to leave them overnight with no water, and since they seem to drink the majority of their water overnight I don’t want to do that. I am working on building up my water bottle supply though, buying a couple a month. I figure I’ll need them this winter when they freeze. I should be all set to try that next summer, though.

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