The Rabbit Wringer

Well, our rabbit wringer and butcher station finally arrived. It was supposed to be shipped on the 18th (another lie), but it was not shipped until the 22nd. We ordered this product when their website read that there would be a three to four week lag time on orders. That was April 16th. When we hadn’t heard anything in a month we started calling. Customer service was virtually non-existent (guy never answers his phone). Checking the website again it then read they were taking 6 to 8 weeks of lag time. So we waited another month after shooting off an email. That was 8 weeks total. After that when it still hadn’t been sent we got more persistent. Several times we were told it will be there next week. Well, it wasn’t. On week 14 we finally got an e-mail that he was printing our address label that day. Since we’d been sent those before I didn’t take much stock in it. On the 18th I was notified that he had shipped it and it was on its way. He gave me a tracking number, but that number brought up no information at all.

It wasn’t until the day it arrived that it had any of the tracking information filled in and that information said it wasn’t shipped until the 22nd, not the 18th. It does look like a good, solidly built device and I am hopeful it will work as promised. I do think the butcher station will make hanging and skinning so much easier. And I really hope that the wringer itself is a quick way to go. I doubt I will ever do business with these folks again, though. 14 weeks is a long time to wait for something that is supposed to only take 4 weeks maximum. Fortunately we only needed to buy from them once.

For the last two days we have been taking the kits and Phoebe outside. I had wanted to wait until they were 4 weeks old, but until I locate two more oscillating fans everyone goes outside first thing in the morning. Piper is almost 4 weeks pregnant, so I think Sunday will be her last day outside until her kits are born and a couple of weeks old. Or she exhibits behavior of not wanting to come out. We do have a fan just for her at her cage level if she wants to stay in. I may have to go set foot in a Wal*Mart to find that. I’ll check Kmart and Lowes first since they are near me.

I have wanted to breed Lola with Starbuck, but if I did that I’d have to wait until mid-September. I suppose one litter from Leo would be fine while we wait for Starbuck to hit six months old.

Next year I think I am going to set it up so that the last batch of babies from each rabbit is born in May. That way they are away from what makes them so susceptible to heat death, the hot onset of July. And then not rebreed them until the second week of August. I’m also thinking about skipping the end of December to the end of February when the temps have been known to drop to 9 degrees F. I have enough rabbits to produce enough meat the rest of the year, so why risk babies at either end of the temperature extreme?


4 thoughts on “The Rabbit Wringer

  1. First you should have gotten that thing for free. Wow bad service. Second, does the machine slaughter them without the screaming?

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    The device is attached to a wall. You slide the rabbit’s head into the corner of the device and pull down hard to dislocate the neck, so if you do it right, than the rabbit will not scream. It is a lot like the broomstick method, but you are pulling down with force instead of pulling up with force. There are vids on youtube with people doing it. Just search for rabbit wringer.

  3. Aaron says:

    This is the same crap he pulled with me. I eventually demanded a refund… piss poor businessman who just doesnt care about customer satisfaction.

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