The New Kits are Growing Well

All six of Piper’s newborn kits are doing well. They are healthy, strong, and well fed. Their fur started coming in well yesterday and I think by Thursday they will be fully covered. They are a very active litter and are getting big. Around here we call them popcorn rabbits when they are like this, because they flip around in the nesting box like popcorn popping in an old oil popper every time they are disturbed. And the little noises they make are utterly adorable.

I think we are finally caught up on everything we got behind on during the weekend. We had a family reunion to go to and we also had to go the ranch that we get our pasture-raised beef from (and some pork on occasion). I put my name down on the list for a pasture-raised turkey, but they are only raising 50 this year because the organic feed prices have gone sky high. So I’m not sure if I’ll actually get one this year. I am investigating other sources.

There is a farm run by an eighteen-year-old young man one town over that I am seriously intrigued by. He is using all the Salatin type methods for farming. He is raising and selling turkeys and many other pasture-raised animals. I am always so thrilled to see young people in farming because it is so rare these days and it is something I would love to support.

The temps are back in the 80’s and it is not cooling down enough at night for the rabbits so this is the second night we will be running their fans all night. They are doing all right. We’ve got the hang of it now and they haven’t been in danger of heatstroke again.

Lola is getting bigger and her dewlap is growing. She’s 8 days pregnant now and I can already see her body changing. There isn’t going to be any will she/won’t she like I had with Phoebe. Pregnancy has changed her personality and she is far calmer than she was before. Although she still doesn’t like to be pet in her cage, and seems to be quite paranoid when anyone opens her cage door, she is perfectly happy to be pet if we set her on the bench next to one of us. Just not in the door to her cage.

Sweetie Belle is still putting on size faster than both her siblings Starbuck and Serenity. In fact she is almost as big as Lola. Things are improving with Sweetie Belle. She has not bitten me from her cage again, though she did give me a little nip in the tractor. Just a warning this time, no blood. We are working on making her feel more secure. I’m still not sure if she’ll be a permanent member of the rabbitry, but I am less inclined to throw her in the stew pot now. It is a learning process, especially with a rabbit that is crazy.

Still no cages. I’ll have DH call and see what the hold up is tomorrow. All the record-keeping paperwork we ordered came on the weekend and we ordered it the day after the cages. I feel like I am doomed to never receive mail order rabbit supplies when they are supposed to come.

I’m still sick. I’m starting to worry about dehydration at this point. I hate stomach bugs. They are nasty.


2 thoughts on “The New Kits are Growing Well

  1. I’m glad you are working things out with Sweetie Belle! Kibbles behavior has been getting better too. She’ll often let me pet her face now without a fuss.
    I so wish that I had more rabbit buddies locally! I went to the local county fair where the had a ARBA rabbit show, and the rabbits there were awful! Many of them were DQ’d for not being close to breed standard, and a lot of them had sores or eye infections. Nothing super contagious or hard to treat, but the rabbit that won BOB for English lop was emaciated with dirty clumped fur and could hardly see.
    I’d love to get a bunch of people together, each of us enter 3-4 rabbits anywhere near breed standard and healthy, and run out people like that which give county fair shows a bad name! There’s no reason why that shouldn’t be a serious show with decent quality rabbits! It’d be a good venue to sell at as well!

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    We are fortunate to have a good 4H program that show some lovely rabbits. Just seldom the meat breeds.

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