Unexpected Family, First Weigh In for Babies, and Finally Got My Pickles Done

Although I had planned to can my pickles on Tuesday we had unexpected family come by. And they brought genealogy stuff. Which meant no kitchen to work in. They were the daughters of my grandmother’s sister Lillian. Mom was happy and they exchanged a ton of stuff. They came back on Wednesday to finish up and then left by early afternoon, but while Tuesday would have been perfect for canning, Wednesday was 81 degrees F. So no pickles again.

But I managed to get six pints of garlic dills done today and despite washing my hair afterwards my fingers still smell like dill. Still, that’s a mark in the self-sufficiency column, with smelly hands to remind me of my accomplishment. I did them in the style for putting on hamburgers and I think six pints will get me through the year for that, since I am the only one who eats sour pickles. They all sealed, which always makes me happy. I just wish I didn’t have to wait a month to try them! But opening them too soon will mean not enough time in the brine. And I really ought to wait a full six weeks, but that is always so hard.

I still want to do some spears and some small whole pickles as well. I need to buy more cucumbers tomorrow as I only have two left and that’s not enough to do what I want to do. Saturday I hope to make it to the farmer’s market to find some organic green beans. I’d like to get at least 25 pounds to put up this weekend. It’ll be just me and the son doing them. The daughter is going to a birthday/slumber party. I’m sure she’ll be so disappointed. Maybe Mom will help, too. She has to teach me how to use the pressure canner anyway. I need to remember to buy canning lids, too.

I weighed Piper’s three week old rabbit kits today.

Kit 1: 9.2 oz
Kit 2: 11.5 oz
Kit 3: 10.7 oz
Kit 4: 11.7 oz
Kit 5: 10.7 oz
Kit 6: 12.3 oz

Total Litter Weight: 4 lb 2.1 oz

This is on par with Piper’s last litter, although the runt is smaller than the runt of her last litter by a little over an ounce. The runt is still 1.2 oz larger than the largest of Phoebe’s first litter was at 3 weeks, though. There actually seems to be a smaller spread in weights though. I don’t think this runt will stay so far behind as the one from Piper’s last litter has. It doesn’t have that lean look that (I’ll call her) Tiny had for the first 10 weeks. It looks fat and fluffy, just smaller, not thin. And it has already shown an interest in pellets whereas Tiny didn’t really have much interest in pellets until she was four weeks old.

This litter seems really healthy. And Piper is doing well. She has started getting her figure back. She has been quicker to do so than Phoebe. Phoebe’s litter is doing really well, too, but I am wondering if I shouldn’t start weaning now. They will be 8 weeks on Sunday, but they have just grown so much in the last few days, and with 8 of them in there with Phoebe space is at a premium. I am thinking I should separate out the two biggest at night, but still allow them to all be in the same tractor during the day since it is much larger. I just don’t like to wean before 8 weeks.

With family showing up when they did, I didn’t get Phoebe bred on Wednesday like I had planned to. So I’m not sure if I will wait until next Wednesday, going for a Sunday birth, or breed her on Sunday and go for a Thursday birth. Well, I have a few days to make up my mind. If I breed her on Sunday, then she should have her kits 4 weeks after Lola has her first litter, which does space them out nicely. It would also put Phoebe at 4 weeks along when it is time to breed Piper. So maybe Sunday breeding would be best. I suppose in the long run it doesn’t really matter.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Family, First Weigh In for Babies, and Finally Got My Pickles Done

  1. Pickles are on my to-do list this weekend. Here’s wishing you cool weather and plenty of time that co-occur!

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    Didn’t really have the cool weather, but had the time.

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