Sweetie Belle is Lola

I’m pretty sure now, like 99.99% sure, that the rabbit we’ve thought was Sweetie Belle for the last two weeks is actually Lola.  Because the rabbit in Sweetie Belle’s cage did the hay mustache thing this morning when I gave her hay, and again this evening when I gave her hay, and her dewlap was almost bald tonight and there is fur in the nest she is building.  She should be due tomorrow or the next day.

I am really glad I decided to put a nesting box in her cage, though she doesn’t seem to be using it.  She’s just building a huge nest in the corner of her cage.  And eating everything that was in the nesting box.  Well, once she has them, I can hopefully shift them to the nesting box like I did with Phoebe.  Only Phoebe isn’t aggressive.  This bunny is protective of her cage, though.  She’s the one I’ve been referring to as insane.  She bites, though hasn’t in a while with the changes we made.  I hope she won’t be a crazy mother, because that will make keeping the cage clean difficult.  It’s already difficult because of her personality.

If I can’t shift them to the nesting box or even get in to count them and check for dead buns, I’m not quite sure what to do.  I guess we’ll have to take her out to do that.  Which I hate to do to a new Mama, I try to leave them alone as much as possible the first week, but some things have to be done whether or not your bunny is sweet and loving or off her rocker.  I guess I’ll just be waiting in nervous anticipation for the next 48 hours.

I just realized when Lola gives birth we will have four sets of kits under one roof and over 30 rabbits.  Whoa.  Well, five will be processed this weekend, but for a short while, we’ll have a ton.


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