Sometimes the Only Word That Will Do is Blessed

Look what I have for you today. A non-squirmy photograph of Lola’s kits. It’s like they made up their minds to fall asleep in a perfectly posed pile. Little Wanderer is none the worse for wear. All of the babies are doing very well, almost fully furred, and growing visibly each day. Lola continues to be a fantastic mother. I am so proud of her. Considering she is the doe who got to live from the first litter because we just couldn’t face shooting another rabbit in the head five times when the gun didn’t work right on slaughter day, and not chosen for any particular trait or size (she was the runt), her babies all seem right on track and as nicely sized as any of her mother’s kits have been. It’s good genetics from both her parents passing along regardless.

As for blessed, we went to the feed store yesterday and picked up 250 pounds of feed. There is a discount for buying so much and while it only knocked $5 off the purchase price, that’s still $5. Also not the blessed part. As I am wont to do at this particular feed store, I got into a conversation with the counter girl (well, I say girl, but she is probably young 20’s), who recognizes us now when we come in. She was curious as to what type of rabbit we were raising and what for and was very happy to hear that it was New Zealand Whites because she has customers who come in all the time and ask for someone local to buy stock from and while she raises her own Champagne d’Argents and has a source of Silver Foxes, did not have a source for New Zealand rabbits in the county.

I told her that right now we aren’t quite at that point, but that in another couple of months we will have some surplus to sell, so she said that as soon as we did we should leave our contact information with her when we come in to buy feed and she’ll call us when she has a customer who wants to buy some.

For not having advertised at all, we now have 3 people who want to buy meat when we have surplus, and two farm stores that have expressed interest. I wish we had room to expand some more, but for now it looks like things will be very promising in a few months time. That feels very blessed indeed.

On the pitchfork to the head front, I think I have a mild concussion. I haven’t felt safe to drive and have not done since the first time I tried it after getting hurt. I am hoping that the dizziness, spaciness, nausea and headache will go away soon. My son had a concussion last summer much worse than this, and I know there is no real treatment for it but rest, but I don’t have time to rest. Today we start the son’s homeschooling and I need to cut up the rabbits and freeze them now that they’ve rested for a few days. And I want to can more green beans. And I want to can some homemade spaghetti/lasagna/pizza sauce. I don’t have time for a concussion, not even a mild one.


One thought on “Sometimes the Only Word That Will Do is Blessed

  1. Wow! Lucky you having such relatively reliable outlets for your rabbits without even trying! I sell a lot of my bunnies but still have to push to make that happen and the bucks almost never sell (I was really lucky to get rid of the last three bucks).
    Unfortunately the feed store I have been going to will never do that because the owner is a sappy vegan who wigged out on me when I said I raised rabbits for meat. Not sure why she’s running a feed store full of feed for food animals (chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, pigs) if she’s a vegan… Either way we don’t go to that store anymore. They never have the food we need in stock even if they say they do.
    I know what you mean about the concussion. I find myself having to work through a lot of issues and feeling bads on a pretty regular basis. It really bothers me when other people refuse to do something because they feel kinda bad (but not so bad they can’t do something simple and fun like play games, mind!). Kudos to you for working hard no matter what!

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