Weather Swing

Now I can believe we are heading into fall. When I stepped outside yesterday morning the fog was so thick I could barely see the garage or the rabbit shed from the back porch. It was the kind of fog that hangs heavy and ominous. It makes you feel like you are the last creature alive on the planet. It isolates you from sights and sounds as it hangs heavy around you like an omnipresent force. It is the sort of fog that you would not be surprised to see space aliens invading from or zombies emerging from or that everyone else in the world had vanished. Perhaps I’ve been watching too many apocalyptic movies on Netflix lately before bed… Yet, it was beautiful, too, in it’s monochrome way.

The air was so heavy with water that although I went outside with straight hair, by the time I had finished feeding and changing the bedding of the rabbits and chickens and filling up their waters, my hair was curly. It’s ridiculously humid. We had some horrible humid summer weather in July and August, and I think this is an even heavier humidity. The air is stagnant. At least it is not hot though. But because the air was stagnant I turned on two of the fans in the rabbit shed just to circulate the air.

It was so foggy that I nearly walked into half a dozen intricately woven webs. The spiders were busy overnight and their handiwork (footiwork?) was amazing. Huge anchor lines held them in place. If it hadn’t been for all the water droplets I would have not seen them until it was too late. I had to knock down a couple just to get to the chicken coop and rabbit shed. They all seemed empty of spiders, thankfully. I hate destroying their work, but not as much as I dislike a face full of sticky webs.

Last night we had a violent thunder and lightning storm. We had to go out early at six to put the chickens in for the night and get the rabbits ready as well. It was already getting dark, when it usually doesn’t get dark until 7:30. But an overcast sky will do that. The chickens had tucked themselves in and had 4 late in the day eggs waiting in one of the nesting boxes.

This morning it is monochrome again, not fog, just rain, but it feels extraordinarily peaceful after last nights display. I am glad we picked the Italian prunes when we did as it looks like we will not have sun again until Thursday and they would have been ruined mush by then.

I did weigh the older set of kits last night, they are 11 weeks old now, but I keep forgetting to bring the paper in from the rabbit shed that I wrote it all down on. In one more week I will need to pull the buck out and put him in his own cage or he will start harassing his sisters as he hits puberty. They still seem to be getting on well in the 4 and 4 cage situation, but they will grow a lot this week, so it is likely I will be switching them to 3-2-2-1 at 12 weeks, with the 3 being the smallest of the litter.

I let Starbuck out of his cage to romp around on the floor of the rabbit shed. He is the most antsy when they don’t get to go outside every day. He visited every other rabbit on the lower level and then hopped up on a box to visit Sweetie Belle on the top level. I think they are both getting anxious to breed, but they will not be breeding with each other.

Since Thursday will be our last sunny day in a while, I will breed Piper and Starbuck that day. I will also breed Sweetie Belle and Leo. I am going to wait a bit longer on Serenity since she is still quite a bit smaller than her sister.

Today is day 22 in Phoebe’s pregnancy and she is nest building, so I don’t think her jump from four feet up hurt anything. All of that set of females nest builds early on the 22nd day. I won’t give her a nesting box yet though. I will do it on Friday.

Lola’s kits are growing beautifully. They are all quite big and able to get in and out of the nesting box on their own. Only a couple of days ago they could only get out. They are adorable and they no longer run away from the big hand from above. Lola is still a bit skittish, but not aggressive at all.

Sweetie Belle has come to the door the last two mornings wanting to be pet. She still doesn’t want anyone in her cage, but she does want the attention right at the door. Andromeda really wanted to come out of her cage today, but I can’t trust her not to run and hide under the cages when it is time for her to go back inside. I gave her lots of attention and then shut the door on her. Wish I could let her out, but Starbuck is the only one who will go back into his cage easily in that circumstance.

Not much else going on here. Just waiting for the son to wake up and start his homeschool lessons.


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