Looks Can Be Deceiving

This is the view to the west of my home. Looks idyllic, doesn’t it?


This is the view from my bedroom window, facing east.


Above the house.


The transition of the storm.

We put the rabbits out at 11 this morning because it was sunny and beautiful. They were able to stay out until 5:30 when it started to sprinkle. They were so happy to be outside again. It had been a few days. It was supposed to rain all day today, but it didn’t so I was glad to get them out there. It’s starting to really come down just in the few minutes it has taken me to upload the photos and start writing this entry.

We gave Lola’s kits their first hay tunnel. They had a blast. At one point 4 of them were inside it and the other two were on top of it. Lola even went through it a couple of times. She never had a tunnel when she was little. We took the nesting box away tonight. The kits are all happy to sleep in the hay and have been doing so for the last couple days, so this gave them more room. I usually take it out between 3.5 to 4 weeks, so that’s right on target.

The two biggest of Phoebe’s kits are getting along really well. We took one out of each cage of 4 and put them together. They get along just fine. We had them in Lola’s tractor since Lola was in the grow out tractor with her babies. We put their tractor next to the other two with their litter mates and they seemed excited to see them and they all ran up and down together.

Piper’s kits were out without Piper today. She didn’t want to leave her cage and seemed happy to have a break from them. I’m sure she was. It does make for cramped quarters to have 7 rabbits in one cage. Two more days until we start to wean them and then she’ll have some more constant peace.

We are down to a bag and a half of feed and 1/3 of a bale of hay, so I think we planned pretty well for the month. The husband will be home by midnight Wednesday so we won’t run out and have to get any until he’s here. With 50 pound bags of feed and 90 pound bales of hay we do our best to time our purchases so he can do the heavy lifting.

The weather report has changed so that now only Thursday will be clear. It will rain on the other days up through Tuesday and then who knows. So we’ll need to slaughter four rabbits on Thursday or miss the chance. Although the husband did get a roof put on the processing station before he left so he could do it in the rain if he had to. I’d just have to hang out in the rabbit shed while he did it so I could hear him call for the next rabbit. I can catch them easier as I do the day to day care.

Phoebe is due in two days. I am feeling a bit more laid back this go around. Maybe I’ll start worrying tomorrow, but it’s starting to feel like a routine. Which is nice. I don’t like being such a Nervous Nellie.

Wow, now the rain is really coming down. The sky out my window is completely black and brown. I hope the tarps stay on the roof out at our old house and it doesn’t blow off and leak.


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