Phoebe is Kindling Like Clockwork on Day 32

Yesterday Phoebe was doing the whole hay mustache thing and digging deep into the back of the nesting box to make a burrow. I was happy to see that as I thought she would most likely give birth in the nesting box this time instead of in the hay on the cage floor.

When I went out this morning to feed the rabbits there was a pile of newborn kits in the back of the nesting box and it looked like she was eating a placenta. There was still a lot of bloody hay, so I don’t think she is done giving birth or at least is still in the cleanup phase. It was really cold and she hadn’t pulled much fur so I put some hay on top of the kits to keep them warm, but only covered them lightly so she could easily pull it away and add more to the litter if necessary.

I could not tell how many there were, but it looked like a large litter, there were at least 7 from what I could see, but I think there were more. She’ll probably have around 9 again. I will count them later on when I am sure she is finished and remove any bloody hay she does not eat. From what I could see they all looked normal sized and pinkish red and alive.

It is the coldest morning we have had so far. I could see my breath. Poor Phoebe has had weather extremes for both kindlings. The hottest day of the summer and then the coldest day so far of the fall.

The husband will go out and do a quick check on them at 10. He’s letting me go back to sleep until noon, the lovely man, so I can fight off the end of this virus and be worth something when we slaughter this early afternoon. Since I didn’t fall asleep until around 4 a.m., that is a blessing. We will check on Phoebe every two hours throughout the day. She is a good mother and I am sure she will be fine, but I like to keep an eye on them all day after kindling.


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