Spiderwebs and New Zealand White Kit Weights

This morning the husband was greeted by quite an amazing sight. The yard was full of spiderwebs. As he said, “No need to decorate for Halloween. The spiders did it for us.” They sure were beautiful, even if I only saw them second hand. I love spiderwebs covered in dew. Except when I walk into them face first. The husband has taken over the morning rabbit feeding duty because we originally thought I had broken my right index finger yesterday. I think now it is just sprained, but since I can’t twist the tops off the water bottles, he got to do it and I got to sleep in.

It hurts to type so I will keep this short. The babies are doing great.


We weighed the nine week olds and the five week olds yesterday.

Piper’s Fourth Litter:

Kit 1: 3 lb 11 oz
Kit 2: 4 lb 2.2 oz
Kit 3: 3 lb 15.2 oz
Kit 4: 4 lb 2.4 oz
Kit 5: 4 lb 3 oz
Kit 6: 4 lb 7.7 oz

Total Litter Weight: 24 lb 9.5 oz

Amount gained this week: 2 lb 2 oz

Lola’s First Litter:

Kit 1: 1 lb 7.9 oz
Kit 2: 1 lb 7.2 oz
Kit 3: 1 lb 8.9 oz
Kit 4: 1 lb 14.1 oz
Kit 5: 1 lb 11.7 oz
Kit 6: 1 lb 11 oz

Total Litter Weight: 9 lb 12 oz

Amount Gained This Week: 3 lb 8.2 oz


3 thoughts on “Spiderwebs and New Zealand White Kit Weights

  1. How often do you all eat rabbit? I’ve never had it. Very interested. We recently received a gift certificate to a store that carries fresh rabbit meat so we are going to try it. What’s your recommendation for the best way to try it? Fried? Grilled? Baked?

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    We eat it once a week now. I’ve made it a few ways and liked them all. It really depends on how many weeks old the rabbit is. For rabbits much older than 14 weeks I’d slow cook or bake. For younger rabbits, fried or stir-fried. My favorite so far is fried.

    When I slow cook it, I chop up one leek, 1 yellow onion, 3 carrots, 3 stalks of celery, and 8 cloves of crushed garlic and put it in the bottom of the slow cooker. Then I put in one cut up rabbit and cover it with water. I added plenty of pepper and some salt and cooked it on low for 5 hours.

    For baked: Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Pour a bit of olive oil into a small dish and use a basting brush to brush both sides of each piece of rabbit with olive oil. Place in a glass baking dish (or two) and sprinkle with salt, pepper, basil, and oregano. Turn the pieces over and sprinkle the second side, too. Put into oven and bake for one hour. No need to turn it during baking. You’re done.

    For fried we’ve done this:

    https://whendidthisbecomeafarm.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/first-times-fried-rabbit-recipe/ Note the note at the end of the post about the spices.

    For stir-fry we’ve done this:


    I’ve never grilled it, though it is supposed to be excellent that way.

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