Night Time Slaughter and Dress Out Weights for 14 Week Old New Zealand White Meat Rabbits

Thanks to the magic of halogen lights we were able to do an evening slaughter of the last four kits of Phoebe’s first litter. So we have gone from a population of 32 rabbits, back down to 28. This week, due to various reasons, like the husband tweaking the heck out of his low back and me breaking or possibly just badly spraining my right index finger, still not sure, we did not slaughter on Thursday like planned. I have learned how to type with nine fingers, sort of a cross between the hunt and peck and regular typing with the right hand, and normal typing with the left. I just have to keep the hurt index finger extended while I do it.

We are having a major windstorm tonight again, but the air is really warm. Fortunately it only seemed to bother the last rabbit we brought outside. I have finally been christened by a rabbit bigger than a few days old. She peed all over my sweatshirt. Well, it was bound to happen. At least it was at the end and not the beginning. It took an hour start to finish, we are getting the hang of this thing.

Phoebe’s First Litter:

Final Weight and Dress Out Weight

Kit 2: 5 lb 1.2 oz———-2 lb 8.5 oz
Kit 3: 5 lb 9 oz————2 lb 13.5 oz
Kit 4: 5 lb 14.6 oz———2 lb 13.9 oz
Kit 5: 5 lb 10.7 oz———2 lb 14.2 oz

Total Weight: 12 lb 3.5 oz

Total Dress Out Weight: 11 lb 2.1 oz plus 13.6 ounces of livers

Total Amount of Entire Litter at Slaughter: 44 lb 15.2 oz

Total Dress Out Weight of entire litter (8 kits): 22 lb 8.4 oz plus a total of 1 lb 9.9 oz of livers


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