It’s Very Red

Yesterday the handyman primed the rabbit slaughter/processing station we built and today he painted it. It’s not dry yet in this picture and hopefully it will tone down a little bit. It should match the color of the house since it is leftover house paint. The goal was to get it painted before the fall rains hit in earnest so that the wood would be protected. We figured red would be good so that any blood that got on it wouldn’t show much. And it was free. I am thinking we might want to paint the end studs and the shelves and the cross piece in a different color though to break it up. I’m not sure what color though. White would look best, but then blood could get on the tool shelf. Maybe green and it could look like Christmas. Or black and it could look like a murder house, which it kind of is if you want to get technical. Once it is dry completely we will reattach the wringer and the butcher station.


Both litters are doing fine, though Piper’s kits are larger, despite being born a day later. Well, that’s to be expected when she is only nursing seven kits and Sweetie Belle is nursing nine. The photo is of Sweetie Belle’s litter. Piper’s would not hold still long enough to get a non-blurry photo. SB’s do look like they are getting fed and you can see that they are dabbed with white where the fur is starting to come in.

We kind of couldn’t help ourselves with naming Phoebe’s runt. It just sort of happened. We’re calling her Runtilla the Bun. Her eye continues to improve, but we will keep treating it until the infection or whatever it is, is gone completely. So far none of the other kits have it. It is hard not to get attached to a rabbit you handle three times a day, but we will do our best.

Tomorrow we start weaning Lola’s kits. It is hard to believe it will be 8 weeks already. I am curious to see how much they weigh. I am also curious to see how much Phoebe’s weigh, especially Runtilla.

Sweetie Belle let me lift her right out of her cage today. No aggression, no charging, no squeaking, growling, snapping or biting at all. I was really happy. I think leaving her alone all day yesterday really helped her. Serenity was also very calm and easily picked up today. I hope that continues on.

The husband’s plane gets in around midnight tonight. It will be good to have him home. The kids both have stomach flu and I am going down for the count finally. I will be glad to have him to help me with the rabbits. And with homeschooling. We are a little behind this week because of illness. The son’s eyes and head hurt so he doesn’t want to read and my throat is too sore to read to him, so the husband will do a lot of reading out loud over the next couple of days until the son can tolerate it again.

I am going to bed early tonight and hopefully I will sleep straight through until morning.


4 thoughts on “It’s Very Red

  1. I hope you all heal up quick. It’s tough to deal with sickness when you have children, animals, and a home to take care of.

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