Nothing Better on a Cold Day Than Hot Soup

This was our dinner tonight, a hot, homemade rabbit vegetable noodle soup. It got pretty thick, almost, but not quite, a stew. My original plan was to have 10 quarts of stock to can, but I decided about halfway into making it that I was going to take 2 quarts and make soup tonight. And it turned out so well, really delicious. My particular bowl had 3 ladelfuls in it. It was rich and filling and actually the only thing I ate today besides an orange. Oops.

So I ended up with 8 quarts of stock to can, which I did and now I have 4 very healthy servings of soup leftover for lunch tomorrow. The son will likely eat two of those for lunch, I will have one, and the daughter will have the other after school. I will be making my baked potato soup tomorrow, which is more chowder consistency than soup consistency, and also very filling.

I did not get around to canning potatoes, but the nice thing about them is they will keep until next weekend if that is how long it takes. I hope to do it during the week, but with homeshooling the boy I never know how the day will go. I have a conference with a really bad teacher of my daughter’s and her counselor and the vice principal. The teacher is refusing to provide missed work for legitimately excused absences and is engaging in far worse behavior, so needs to be called on her nonsense. I have never, ever had to deal with a teacher making my daughter (age 17) cry before and this one has done it on many occasions. Fortunately she has been able to wait until she got home to break down or at least into the car after school.

This teacher induced a panic attack that went into an asthma attack and then made comments to the other students about my daughter for using her inhaler. She has gossiped to the school nurse about my daughter, loudly enough to be overheard by someone else who told my daughter about it. She has regularly made other students cry in class and belittled them. Just a real bully case, it sounds like. I’ve got a long list of stuff to go over, but my main concern is the refusal to give the missed work to my daughter when she’s been out sick and then grading that work as a 0. We follow school policy on staying home when sick, but then she gets punished for it by this woman. Makes me furious. My daughter can’t help it if she has a compromised immune system due to medical issues that are none of the school’s business.

I really wish my daughter had wanted to be homeschooled for high school, but she didn’t. Despite her health issues she wanted the experience. Well, the bad comes with the good, and this year she is getting quite a lot of the bad from this teacher. And I can’t help but worry about my son who wants to go to high school next year. This teacher is the only one that teaches one of the required classes for graduation, so I can’t even just say he is not allowed to be in any of her classes. Maybe we’ll be out of this school district by then. I hope so. If the house ever sells we plan to move to a different one.

I did weigh the 3 week old kits on Sunday and today as they hit their respective marks. I will do up a post with that information tomorrow. I am a little scattered tonight. I also gave nesting boxes to Lola and Serenity 2 days ago. The first night Serenity ate all the hay and straw out of hers and pooped in it. We redid the box and she dug a tunnel in it last night and has mostly left it alone otherwise. Lola knows what to do and just made a burrow in hers. Serenity will be a first time mother. Both sets of kits are due this weekend, probably on Sunday, but could be on Saturday or Monday since Serenity is unknown and Lola was bred with a different buck this time.


One thought on “Nothing Better on a Cold Day Than Hot Soup

  1. That soup looks delicious! I now know what we are having for dinner tonight. 🙂

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