Kindle Watch 2013: November Edition Part 2

Lola has completed her litter. She gave birth to 9 kits. Unfortunately one of them was born at the opposite corner of the cage than the others and it froze. It was bigger than the others so it was likely born first before she knew what was going on. Without the other kits to cuddle with, it didn’t have a chance, poor thing. It was very cold and even though I knew better I did try rubbing it to warm it up, but of course it did no good. I wish she would have just had them in the nesting box. Still, she has a strong, healthy looking litter.

My son and I transferred them all to the nesting box along with plenty of Lola’s pulled fur, so they will be snug and warm and cozy. Lola wasn’t happy about it, they never are, so no photos yet of the kits. Maybe tomorrow. Eight is usually handled best anyway, as that is the max a doe can feed at once. Lola’s last litter was 6, so this is a good improvement. The Lola/Starbuck pairing has definitely resulted in more offspring than the Lola/Leo pairing.

Other than a big hole dug in the nesting box, Serenity is not really showing the signs yet of impending labor. There is no fur pulled. I am hoping the hole means she intends to give birth in the nesting box like her sister did the first time. It is far less stressful when they do that. I seldom have to worry about dead kits that way.

I got my computer back from Best Buy today. They replaced the motherboard this time. It took forever though. I am not sure what the point is of making us have appointments to pick up or drop off stuff if they aren’t going to actually have them happen on time. Now I just have to transfer stuff back onto it and will be living happily in the past with my Win7 and a mouse pad that doesn’t randomly screw with me no matter how many functions I shut off or open Win8 charms every time I even think of going near the edge of the screen or breathe too hard on it.

While we were there a bomb threat was called in to the Wal*Mart nearby and it was being evacuated. It was far enough away that we were probably safe, but close enough that they might have to evacuate the Best Buy and the rest of the area. The manager was going around and telling his employees as we were finishing up. Once we were out to the parking lot we saw five military planes fly overhead in formation. Not sure if it was air force or just coast guard, but there is no mistaking what they were. They circled over the Wal*Mart and then headed away.

I fired off a quick prayer that everything would be okay, and took quick stock of my emergency car supplies. Water bottles, check. Box of granola bars, check. Bag of beef jerky, check. First aid kit, check. Blankets, check. Flash light, check. Road flares, check. 25 feet of paracord, check. Although I’m not sure what I’d do with paracord or road flares if caught in an evacuation or traffic jam. Gas tank was almost full. Little preps, but worth the piece of mind.

I took the back way home to avoid any congestion from it. I haven’t been able to find anything about it online since coming home. Hopefully it was just a threat with nothing to back it up, but it was a little scary. Maybe there will be something about it in the news later.

Is it totally wrong of me to be glad that at least I had my laptop back before anything happened? Shallow LuckyRobin is shallow.

2 thoughts on “Kindle Watch 2013: November Edition Part 2

  1. Glad to hear everything went well in town. Congrats on the baby bunnies!

  2. No, not shallow. In a stressful situation I think it’s human nature to think of oneself first. I like your list of emergency items. I should load my car up too. I try to keep some things in the car like snacks and water but if the kids know they’re in there, the snacks don’t last long.
    Congrats on the new litter and best wishes to Serenity. I wish her an easy labor. And you too! 😉

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