A Much Better Day

Yesterday was a much better day. I seem to be bouncing back quicker from these things. I guess I am getting used to them. The rabbits were so darn cute and that always makes up for a lot. And thankfully there were no more dead ones.

Our feed store went out of business. I was very disappointed and kind of annoyed that they hadn’t bothered to put it on their website or their Facebook page. We wasted time and gas going out there last night. I had checked for their hours and there wasn’t a hint of them being closed down. Unfortunately they were the only place in the county that I know of that carries the feed I use. The husband is calling the feed company in the morning. It is one county over and if they sell direct we will make the trip and get two month’s worth of feed. That is 500 pounds. I normally buy 250 pounds at a time, but if we are going to have to trek over hill and dale to get the feed we want, I don’t want to do it too often. And if they don’t sell direct they can give us the names of feed stores that carry their feed.

I made some short video updates so that my mother-in-law can keep up on the rabbits, so figured I’d post them here since they basically say what I would have written anyway.

2 thoughts on “A Much Better Day

  1. Glad you are doing better!

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