Back on Kindle Watch

It’s 3 a.m. and I just came in from checking on Andromeda. Last night she had started pulling fur, but she hadn’t had any kits. Her sides were twitching away and she gave a very annoyed growl when I opened her cage, but she forgave me quickly when she saw that I had barley fodder in my hands. I gave her extra hay and some straw. She’s built a nest in the back corner, of course, nowhere near the nesting box in the opposite corner.

I checked on her at midnight and she had incorporated quite a bit of the extra hay and straw into her nest. Still no sign of kits and her sides were still twitching. At this last check she had pulled some more fur, but still no kits. I will not check on her again until morning. I am just a little worried about her because it is her first litter. It is warmer than it was when the last two litters were born, so I am hoping that we won’t lose any kits to the cold. I expect her kits will probably be here by morning. With all that extra hay and straw I am hoping that a kit born anywhere in the cage will manage to stay warm.


Phoebe was very busy nest building. She is so funny. She makes a hole in the middle of her hay pile and then moves it around with her head and back. I don’t know if she’ll have her kits today or will go the full 32 days and wait until Monday. Her sides are not very active, no visible twitching in the lower parts, but then she doesn’t tend to have such obvious movement. Piper does and so does Lola so it figures that Andromeda would, too, as daughter and sister respectively to those two. Still, Phoebe was far more active than she has been in the last few days. Either way, the waiting will be over soon enough and then no more breeding until late winter and no more kits until spring.


2 thoughts on “Back on Kindle Watch

  1. Grace Alice says:

    Exciting. 🙂 I am not home, so with does due tomorrow morning, this is really keeping me on edge. Hopefully I will be home by tonight so I am able to throw a bale of straw in the rabbit colony for nests.

  2. eagerly awaiting updates 🙂

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