Final Kindle Until Spring is Complete

First time mother Andromeda has given birth and judging from the pristine whiteness of her coat she must have done it last night after we left the rabbit shed. She cleaned herself up well and there is no sign of blood or placentas so she ate those up properly. You can just see over her shoulder the cave she made and the pile of fur blocking the entrance. She let me reach back and put my hand in it and I felt a bunch of knobby little bodies. They were warm. I did not wake them up, just lightly touched. There are at least four, but there might be more further back. It was hard reaching past her when she was nibbling on the underside of my arm.

This afternoon after homeschooling is done, the son and I will go out and count kits. It is easier with backup and he is good at coaxing Andromeda out of her cage. She is one of only two rabbits that likes him better than she likes me, though she is coming around since mine is the hand that feeds her fodder. I did sneak a hand into Phoebe’s nest as well and they were all warm, too. I am curious as to how many we have. If each mother had at least 5 kits, we currently will have 60 rabbits. 13 will be slaughtered this weekend. The husband will be home on Thursday for 4 weeks (which might turn in to three weeks if they call him back early) over the holidays, so there might be some ready to go the weekend before he heads back up.

Homeschooling has been a bit like pulling teeth this month. The boy is being contrary. Gotta love those early teenage years and those bubbling hormones and that lovely authority testing. I am looking forward to having a couple weeks off. We have 5 school days left and the subjects we have left to do are 6 math, 1 composition lesson, 5 grammar, usage, and mechanics lessons, 4 vocabulary, 1 science, 1 art, and 4 history.

We are leaving the math until his dad comes home. This part of algebra (inequalities) is not something I understand well or can fake my way through and he is struggling a bit, so we will wait for the math genius to come home and explain it. So he will need to do 3 math on Thursday and 3 math on Friday. Today’s goal is to get through all of the history and a vocabulary unit assessment. That always includes the Latin stuff, ugh, but the son picks that up easier than I do. And then 1 GUM.

Tomorrow the plan is to do 1 science, 1 art, 3 vocabulary, 1 composition, and finish the writing sample that is due by the end of the week (a short essay on recycling of 1 to 3 paragraphs). Maybe throw in some study island, though he can work on that through the break if he wants. It is just test prep stuff for testing in May so it gets fitted in wherever. But it does give him hours.

The goal for Wednesday is to finish off the GUM and then we will finish off the unit of literature we are in the middle of so we don’t leave it hanging for 2 weeks. He needs the hours anyway. He never gets his hours in with the required work, he almost always does it faster. Then he tends to watch a bunch of documentaries on either history or science to get the chair time in. I do wish our virtual school didn’t count chair time, but you can’t have everything and we really like the program. Plus free, so there you go.

The nice thing about the husband being home for the next several weeks is that when classes start up again in January, if the boy is still having trouble with math, his dad will be around to help him. And maybe they can get in all the required math for the month before he leaves again and then I will focus on the rest.

I’ll check in later today with a count of the new kits as well as a set of weights for the other six litters that we weighed on Thursday and Sunday. For now I’m off to grab a nap. I’m still fighting this illness. I am more than ready for it to be over.


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