A Busy Few Days

Our fridge died on Thursday. We spent the majority of the day shopping for a new one Friday. It was delivered on Saturday and I absolutely love it. It is going to make preserving the food from our garden so much easier because of the space. I can’t even imagine stuffing this one full. It’s got nice freezer space, too. Since I had to use the money saved to buy a chest freezer to buy a fridge instead, we will be using the under fridge freezer mostly for rabbit meat.

Starting tomorrow I will have two bins of fodder to feed to the rabbits instead of just one. Of course, starting tomorrow we will be slaughtering, assuming the weather doesn’t change. We are supposed to be in for several partly sunny days with low wind and low precipitation. But even with two bins I’m not sure we will have quite enough fodder every day. We’ll have to see. I got one more set of bins and another rack. If I end up with too much to feed to the rabbits then I will give the leftovers to the chickens.

Colossus has a new name. I checked the sex yesterday and she is a girl, so her new name is Kalia (kuh-lee-uh). It keeps the same first syllable pronunciation, but feminizes the name. Also gives it a vaguely Hawaiian sound. The son and I were throwing out similar sounding names and he said that one and we both decided it fit well. Since she is a girl, if she ever attains size we will likely breed her and see what the results are. But if she does not get any size, she will simply be a non-working pet doe.

We set up heat lamps above Phoebe’s and Andromeda’s cages. We will only use them if the temperatures plunge again. The forecast claims it will not and they will be two weeks old by next weekend, so I doubt we will need them, but I’d rather have them in place and not need them than not have them. Once they are two weeks old, they have plenty of fur and can get in and out of the nesting box on their own so I won’t have to worry then. Phoebe has one that has been out of the nesting box a few times (at least I think it is the same one) and it doesn’t even have its eyes open yet. Phoebe is actually keeping it warm when it does this. She was curled up to it with it between her and the nesting box and then another time, she was just standing over it with her body low. It’s little head was popped out, but otherwise she was keeping it warm. I was really surprised because I had read that rabbits don’t do that. None of the others ever have, but Phoebe has always been a little unusual. I guess we are lucky.

Andromeda finally seems to be settling down. She did not bite at me today and she came over to the door to be pet. She is still a touch skittish, but it seems to be getting a lot better. Maybe she really will settle down like the other does have.

Serenity and Sweetie Belle have lost a lot of weight. They were huge when they were pregnant. They were actually bigger than they are now before they got pregnant. Both are 9 pounds instead of the previous 11. They have plenty to eat, though. Lola and Phoebe, who never get that big when pregnant are both very trim looking. I haven’t weighed Phoebe since she is only one week past birth. Lola is at a little less than 9 pounds. Piper is kind of medium at 10 pounds.

I am hoping that Andromeda trims down some in the next couple of weeks. She was a bit overweight when she got pregnant and that might be part of why she had such a small litter. Even though she had a controlled portion of pellets, she would wipe out the hay I gave her every day and of course any vegetables. When she was in her tractor she would devour all of the grass in a 6.5 foot by 2.5 foot area in a day. She was fast to put on weight from the time she was 3 weeks old, though. Hopefully her weight will stabilize after nursing for a few weeks. She nurses a lot. I’ve seen her in the nesting box 3 times a day and her kits are big. She definitely has her father’s genetics in play more than her mother’s.

I will post kit weights tomorrow on the youngsters and final weights and dress out weights on the older kits who will be slaughtered.


One thought on “A Busy Few Days

  1. We have had a few does that will cuddle their kits but it is very rare. Most get as far as possible from them, it is strange to me. Glad you have a cuddler! It could save you a lot of loss over the years.

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