We Lost Patricia

Our beautiful barred rock hen Patricia aka Blackie died today. She would have been four years old in March. She was a sweet, lovely hen, a good layer, and a kind but firm head hen. She was never the same after Queen, our Rhode Island red, died though. That chicken grieved for her best hen friend for a long time. Now she’s buried side by side, as they always were in life. She’d been flagging for a while so we knew it was coming, yet it still was a surprise.

Now we are down to ten hens, 9 who will be 2 in May, and 1 who will be 3 in March. This leaves us with three Auracanas, two black Australorps, two white leghorns, 2 gold sex link, and 1 silver laced wing wyandotte. I’m not sure who will move in to fill the head hen vacancy. Maybe Silver, who is the biggest. Possibly Henrietta, who is the most ornery, or her sister Goldielocks. Probably not Kyri, who is the oldest but smallest now.

I don’t know that we’ll get more hens, and certainly not before we move, unless Mom wants to do it as her project. I’d rather raise ducks again myself.

Everyone was a little off today so we decided to wait until Sunday to slaughter rabbits. We did decide on seven to be slaughtered, not just five. I am saving out one big, friendly buck of Piper’s for a lady in my county who wants to start raising meat rabbits, and two of the younger does from Serenity’s litter that have just gorgeous fur and the sweetest dispositions. She’s not ready yet, but I don’t mind waiting. I know how much is involved in starting up a rabbitry, and of course will be available via email for any questions. Felicity was available to me when I bought my first rabbits and it made such a difference in my confidence to be able to ask her stuff.

We tried out rabbit sausage for the first time this morning. It was so good. It’s not quite as moist as I’d like it to be, but eaten with scrambled eggs it was fine and the flavor is top notch. The husband might have cooked them a bit long. We are both still trying to get the hang of cooking on cast iron. I think I would like to get a hold of some tallow so I can mix in a bit of it when I make sausage in the future.

I’ve started on a diet today. Things have gotten way out of hand between the illnesses, the injuries, and all the eating takeaway because we were sick and injured, so we’ve all committed to eating better at home, and I will only be eating one meal a day with high carbohydrates and it will be a balanced meal. The other two meals will be protein and low carbohydrate vegetables. I’ve done this before and had good results. I am also limiting the high carbs I do eat to mostly vegetables like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, snow peas, and a small amount of fruit. Bread, maybe twice a week, and homemade or else a tortilla.

I’m also back on Mom duty as she fell yesterday and landed hard on the knee she had replaced. She really needs to ask for help when she needs it but she is very stubborn about that. She refuses to go get an x-ray until Monday because the hospital is too expensive. Meanwhile she is shuffling around moaning and groaning, which is her way. She didn’t even tell me she had fallen until today though. Gah. I guess one of the things I have learned from Mom’s behavior is to ask for help when I need it. I just wish she would.


6 thoughts on “We Lost Patricia

  1. frugalhen says:

    Awwww….so sorry to hear about your girl! 😦

  2. Maureen says:

    Sorry for your loss…so sad to say farewell to our dear friends.

    Brighter days for you all!

  3. Exciting Style says:

    sorry for your loss… my dottie is the same breed,good egger.

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