Dress Out Weights for 15 Week Old New Zealand White Rabbits

Today was slaughter day. That meant I had which one of the two young bucks I was keeping and which one would go under the knife. Both boys were very friendly, but one was bigger than the other and definitely had his father’s fur, so that was the one I kept. The we had to weigh all the rabbits that were in Kalia’s cage to make sure we didn’t accidentally kill Kalia. She is still the smallest, but she was less than a pound behind the next smallest. Kalia weighed in at 5 lb 14.7 oz. Not bad considering how she started life out, but nowhere near the size of any of her bigger siblings.

As for sexes, I got six out of the seven we slaughtered right, confirmed in slaughtering (the ovaries and the male genitalia are very obvious once the fur comes off). One of Sweetie Belle’s remaining 3 was actually a buck. That means that six out of nine of her kits were bucks. I am sure that the boy I saved is a boy though. He is identical to the other one that had been his cage mate. I almost never get it wrong now, especially when they are older, but I hadn’t checked Sweetie Belle’s since they were 8 weeks old.

The seven we slaughtered got to play in the PVC rabbit tractors today. They were having a very good time skipping and jumping and going up on their hind legs and running around each other. One of the rabbits did manage to tip the scale box over and fell off the table. It wasn’t too far a drop, but then she took off and we had to catch her. Then I had to cuddle her a bit to calm her down. Once her heart rate returned to normal we weighed her again and got on with it.

The husband has got it down now to ten minutes or so per rabbit. It is nice having it not take up a super long chunk of the day anymore. It’s also easier to get through when it’s not dragged out. Okay, so without further commentary, here are the final weights and dress out weights.

Sweetie Belle’s Kits:

8 lb 6.6 oz——————–4 lb 5.5 oz doe
6 lb 15.9 oz——————-3 lb 9.2 oz doe
8 lb 2.6 oz——————–4 lb 3.4 oz buck

Piper’s Kits:

6 lb 12.2 oz——————–3 lb 9.3 oz doe
7 lb 14 oz———————-3 lb 15.9 oz doe
6 lb 15.6 oz——————–3 lb 8.7 oz doe
7 lb 6 oz———————–3 lb 12.4 oz buck

And we got 7 livers, which I didn’t weigh, but by eyeballing the size, I’d say there was at least 2 pounds there.

We froze the heads and will make an appointment to take them out to SARDIS, probably on Tuesday, for their recovering raptor program.

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