Slaughter Day–Final and Dress Out Weights at 12 Weeks Old

This is the first time, I believe, that we have actually slaughtered our rabbits on the 12 week mark. While one or two rabbits per litter have made it to the 5 pound mark by this age, I’ve never had all of them ready by this time. We’d actually be doing five more who are at weight if we had the time before the husband goes back to Alaska, but we don’t, so those five will wait until the next time the husband gets back. They’ll be between 14 and 15 weeks at that point and 7 or 8 pounds. Not including the 3 rabbits who have been set aside for a customer, I have 2 of Serenity’s girls left and 3 of Lola’s boys.

There are two things that make the difference. One is that we are now feeding the growing kits and pregnant or nursing rabbits on the 21% protein rabbit pellets. The breeding bucks and the does that are on a break are getting 17%. Before we started going down to Conway Feed Mill every 2 months all we could find was 17% locally. This has made a big difference. And this is the first two litters that were raised on fodder, also, which gives them the nicest fur, too. And of course they eat as much hay as they want.

It was hard to slaughter rabbits the day after Sweetie Belle died. I really had to divorce my emotions from it and not cuddle with them or I’d have been an emotional basket case. But we got through it.

Final Weights and Dress Out Weights


5 lb 13 oz———-2 lb 14.4 oz buck
5 lb 10.2 oz——–2 lb 14 oz buck
6 lb 3.1 oz———3 lb 2 oz buck


6 lb 0.9 oz———3 lb 0.4 oz doe
5 lb 9.7 oz———2 lb 15.6 oz buck
5 lb 7.2 oz———2 lb 14 oz buck
5 lb 6.9 oz———2 lb 12.8 oz doe

We got just shy of 2 pounds of livers as well.

The husband will run the heads out to Sardis for the Raptor Recovery Program after they’ve frozen for 24 hours.

Tomorrow father-in-law is coming over to help us clean cages and the rabbit shed out and do a full disinfect. Both kids are recovering from sinus/ear infections and still not really up to working outside in what is looking to be a 70% chance of rain. 45 degrees, though. Practically warm. There might even be time to wrap chicken wire around the T-posts for the compost piles. The chickens keep tossing parts of the pile out into the walkway, which is annoying. We’ll leave 2 openings for the chickens to get in and work the compost but they are nowhere near the path. We’ll all be happy that way.


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