First Sale!

Today the lady who I reserved rabbits for came and picked them up. At $20 each, I earned $60. I gave my son $20 as he does a large share of the work in raising the rabbits. The other $40 is going for feed. It is exciting to make my first sale. It was a little hard saying good-bye to them since I worked with them so much so they would be social and affectionate. You give a little bit of your heart to them despite your best intentions. But I know they will have a good home and it is easier to say good-bye to them this way than on slaughter day, that’s for sure.

I haven’t been blogging much this week. Tuesday was airport day and Wednesday was my birthday. 44 does not feel any different from 43. I have also spent a lot of time talking to a breeder in Oregon and the husband and I will drive down there on the 31st with no kids, overnight, go out to dinner as an early Anniversary dinner since he’ll be gone on our actual anniversary, pick up the new rabbits on the 1st and drive home. That way we don’t have to try to make a round trip in one day or try to overnight somewhere with rabbits. Mom and the kids will take care of our rabbits while we are gone.

And what type of rabbits will we be getting? Remember these guys that tempted me so much last October?

new zealand reds

Yeah, I’ll be getting some of these from the same breeder. New Zealand Reds. A proven junior buck with a deep red coat and two young, just weaned does whose father has the deep red coat, laid back attitude, and a mother who is a sweet, affectionate girl. I am excited and it is good to feel excited again after the loss of Sweetie Belle.

I am also thinking about selling Lola. I’ve only been thinking about it for about a week. I have one of her girls still (thought it was a boy or undetermined, but as it got older I determined it was a girl) and she is very sweet and friendly. Lola is a nice enough doe, but she likes to hide out in the back of her cage and isn’t affectionate. She doesn’t care much to be touched, though she will tolerate it if she is out of her cage. She doesn’t bite or anything, but is cage protective. I want a less anti-social rabbit. Plus, Lola’s daughter is the 3rd generation, which means when she has kits, those kits can be pedigreed. I know the pedigrees don’t really mean all that much outside of show circles, but that piece of paper can increase the sale price of a doe. If I was attached to Lola, I’d not consider it, but since I’m not all that attached, it is likely what I will do.

I would like to breed Piper with the red buck as soon as we get him settled, and Serenity with Leo. I will try to sell Lola either as a pregnant doe or after her kits are born at about 3.5 weeks old with the whole litter. I know what a blessing buying a mother with a young litter can be for starting a rabbitry. That’s what we did with Piper. It was nice to start out with kits that were past the main danger points and get some experience with them before breeding a litter myself.

All of the adults need to have their nails clipped. The rate at which they grow still astonishes me. I need to cut some more apple branches for everyone as well, especially the littlest chewers. I’ll try to get that done this weekend. Not looking forward to the nail clipping part. Especially with Andromeda. She’s definitely going in the towel burrito.


7 thoughts on “First Sale!

  1. Grace Alice says:

    Lola’s baby’s kits can only be absolutely 100% fully pedigreed IF you know ever single ancestor and every single senior weight of every ancestor. That is according to the ARBA. Of course, the rabbits are not fully pedigreed if you don’t know every rabbit and leave a space missing. I sell my rabbits as fully pedigreed, and yes, they are missing just a couple weights. But that only matters if you plan on registering any of your rabbits.

    Pedigreed rabbits are better to have in general, because you can know more about their genetics and if they have any show winning lines. Its nice to know the weights so you can compare. I have a french lop who’s ancestors all way over 15 pounds, some weigh 20 pounds. Well, my frenchie is only 11 pounds, so I know he was stunted from last year’s heat. Its helpful to know that.

    Also, rabbits are only considered fully pedigreed if you have everyone’s tattoos, including the subject rabbit. They have to all have tattoos recorded onto the paper. It doesn’t matter what they are, heck you could put the word PIGGY in one of their ears and its still a tattoo, lol. Do you have a tattoo clamp/pen?

    Good luck. I know its hard to let go of the rabbits. Mine are meant for pets, so every rabbit has to be socialized everyday for the new owners. I have 26 babies to socialize at the moment, and it will be really hard to let them go. You never know how they are going to end up in a year or two. Rabbits are so darn fragile.

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    I do have all of the weights so far. And I’ve got the winnings of the one’s in Starbuck and Serenity’s side of things. And ear tattoo numbers. I have not registered them with ARBA yet, so just have the breeder tattoos. I need to put some in on the younger ones, though.

  3. Congrats! It’s always hard to give up something you raised, but one gets used to it after a while I guess.

    • LuckyRobin says:

      Thanks. It helps that the lady I sold them to was really nice. I could see by how she handled the rabbits that she had a gentleness with them. That helped a lot in letting them go.

  4. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Congrats on your first sale!

  5. StacieAnn says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!! And Happy Early Anniversary!

    The rabbits you are getting are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!! I have a hare-bit of rabbit-envy going on right now!! We have two White New Zealander does near their due dates and SuperMama’s kits are just so cute, fat and lovable…but they are all so dull in comparison to those gingers in your pic! *LOVE*

    Good luck with selling Lola, though, I’m sure you’ll find a good home for her.

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