At Least it is Melting Now

What a crazy two days it has been, but all of the animals are doing really well. I can’t remember the last time we had 14 inches of snow accumulate in 36 hours. I do remember the last time we had 3 feet of snow. My seventeen-year-old was one. It is supposed to get all the way up to 52 degrees on Wednesday and 48 tomorrow so I imagine this will all be gone before the husband returns home from Alaska on Thursday. Which is a good thing because I was worried that his plane might have issues in Seattle. To say Sea-Tac is under prepared for snow is like saying the ocean is wet. I still remember the time the airplanes froze to the runway. But everything should be back to normal by the time he leaves Anchorage (now they know how to deal with snow) and so the Seattle hop shouldn’t be bad at all.

I am glad that the weekend is going to be sunny as that will make our drive to Portland to get the New Zealand Reds a good one. I was worried about the snow there for a while when it showed no signs of stopping. Thursday afternoon will be nice, too, so we can finish getting the outdoor hutches in order. I want go give them a good wash and reinforce any screws that need reinforcing. And while we are at it, fix the wire on the bottom of the third one, which won’t be occupied, but we might as well do it while we’re doing the other two. We are keeping the two female does together while in quarantine and then the male will be next to them. We also need to put locking hardware on the two hutches we will be using. I’d also like to put one reinforcing board across the middle of the bottoms, too.

Eventually I’d like to install dropping trays for the outdoor hutches, but right now we will stick with Rubbermaid bins that fit underneath. We will let the droppings and used beding build up underneath to generate some heat (sort of like deep bedding, but without them sitting directly on it) for the rabbits during the 4 weeks they are out there. March is generally pretty mild here, just very wet, and if it looks unnecessary we will just dump it every few days.

We do need to move the hutches down the side of the house though. Right now they are directly opposite the slaughter station and since we’ll need to be processing rabbits the weekend after they arrive I want them where they can’t see it. We will also put a tarp up to block any sight of it. If it is nice out I will put them around the corner in the tractors so they won’t smell it, either while we are processing. No need to stress them out if we don’t need to.

It will be nice to have a day away from the kids. I am a little stir-crazy. I suppose all homeschooling mothers get this way on occasion. And I can’t remember the last time I had an uninterrupted conversation with my husband. The kids aren’t the only ones guilty of that. My mother is, too. I love her to bits, but yegads the woman can talk. Left to our own devices, my husband and I are perfectly content to be together in silence or with just the occasional comment for an hour or so at a time. I suppose that is one of the really nice things about being a pair of introverts in a house full of extroverts.


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