Going a Bit Potty

Going Potty

Today I finally got around to repotting some of my plants. The poinsettia was in sore need of it. It had been in the little three inch pot I’d received it in as a Christmas gift. Aside from taking the foil off immediately and watering it once a week, I’ve done very little to help this guy along and despite that it has continued to make leaves. Usually I can’t keep one of these alive very far past Christmas, but since it refuses to die on me and it has started to grow on me, I decided to give it a much larger pot to see what it would do. Which is probably now die on me, but who knows?

I also repotted the organic lemon thyme and rosemary that I got a couple of weeks ago because the roots were starting to come out the bottoms of their little four inch pots. So they are all sitting happily in the kitchen window now in larger pots.

My big task was to repot the spider plant, though. This thing absolutely, positively will not die. It’s kind of like the Terminator. It just keeps going and going. It has been in a very small pot for about 2 years. I took it off the spider plant in my chiropractor’s office. He gave me a rhizome with some good little rootlets and the thing took off. I honestly never thought it would survive on the bathroom windowsill, but it has done great. It’s put up a flower spear two years running. But it was looking very sad and limp lately, so I decided it was finally time to stop procrastinating and replant it. It is already looking better. Not great, but much better and I wouldn’t be surprised if it did some major perking up in the next 48 hours.


As soon as it warms up enough to put basil in the window I will buy some basil and some marjoram and transplant one of the oregano starts from outside where they will come up all over like they do every year. Then I will have all the herbs inside to make my spaghetti sauce without having to run outside. I plan to grow and dry enough herbs this year for our needs, but I do like having fresh ones for Italian dishes. Especially to sprinkle on pizza.

Having these plants inside is helping me with the urge to garden. I have six weeks to go to get to our average last frost date and 8 weeks to go to get past the last frost date that is an outlier. I should be starting seeds, but there is a bit of a space shortage at the moment. I still don’t have all my seeds anyway, but I would like to get my tomatoes going as soon as possible. I will end up buying starts, too, I know, but there are a few varieties I can only get here through seed so I have to do some. So a little cleaning and reorganizing is in order this week so I can get to it.


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