New Fodder Trays

New Fodder Trays

The new fodder trays came in the mail today and I lost no time starting the first one going with the seeds I had soaked overnight. I think I am really going to like these trays better than the makeshift ones I have been using. I am going to retire the old trays for now, but I am going to keep them. When we get going strong again with lots of kits we will need to make more fodder so I will pull these ones out again then.

When the husband comes back again (he leaves tonight) from Alaska, he is making me a new fodder rack, so the old racks will be put away with the old trays. I am really looking forward to my new rack, especially since it will be at the correct angles and there will be a foot between levels. The rack is already designed and he will make it right away when he gets back. It is designed to expand upwards, too, so we can add on to it in the future.

These new trays have channels on them and are more in line with what the professional fodder systems use. They are supposed to be less prone to mold since the excess water would go down in the channels if it doesn’t drain out. I haven’t had mold in a while, but I am glad to have one more thing in the fight against it. Everything will get sprayed down with vinegar after washings, too. I was using bleach, but I’d like something a bit more natural. Eventually the husband may try to automate the fodder watering, but for now I am content to just use a watering can to do the watering.

I cleaned out some 16 oz plastic containers that held frozen strawberries and some yogurt cups today, as well as the 3 small pots I transplanted out of yesterday, so I can start planting a few seeds. I had the husband drill holes in the bottoms for drainage. I think I will plant a couple with lettuce seeds and the rest with tomatoes. Today is so gorgeous out it just makes me itch to be in the garden itself. I know I can’t, I’d just ruin the soil if I tried, but I sure want to be! Garden fever is definitely infecting me this year.


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