I’m Going to Have to Start Making My Own

I'm Going to Have to Start Making M

Well, I have one more thing on my list that I’m going to have to start making for myself. Powdered sugar. I had no idea that powdered sugar had corn starch in it. I have always been careful to choose pure cane sugar when I buy regular sugar, because if it doesn’t say that then the sugar is made with GMO beets. But I never thought to check if powdered sugar made with pure cane sugar had any other ingredients in it because I just figured…sugar. It does. Corn starch. And we all know that is going to be from GMO corn. So…fortunately it is very easy to make powdered sugar. Put a cup of regular pure cane sugar in the blender and give it a whirl. Powdered sugar with no corn starch.

The thing is, I know about checking for ingredients. I have to because of my son’s allergies, but it just never occurred to me to check for it on something I assumed was just sugar and wouldn’t even have an ingredients list. I guess nothing is “just” anything anymore. Corn products are insidious. They are in everything. Even something that has no real reason to have corn in it. Fortunately I had a couple of bags of organic powdered sugar as well as the regular and they used potato starch instead of corn starch. But in the future I’ll just whirl it up myself.

The pantry challenge is going well. Breakfast this morning was homemade drop biscuits with home canned strawberry jam and uncured bacon, which I still thankfully have several packages of in the freezer from our last trip to the farm we buy most of our meat from and some warm home canned applesauce. I skipped lunch again today. Yes, this is a bad habit of mine.

biscuits and jam


Dinner was a delicious and easy stir-fry of chicken, peppers and onions. All I did was cut up some boneless, skinless chicken thighs, sprinkle it all over with ginger and garlic powder, and cook it for 5 minutes, then added a few glugs of organic soy sauce and a couple squeezes of local organic raw blackberry honey. After a minute of stirring it around in the sauce I threw in half a bag of frozen fire roasted bell peppers and onions and cooked it for a couple more minutes and it was done. The kids had it with white sticky rice that we had in the freezer and they nuked. It was really very good. It didn’t need to be marinated at all. And it was a huge hit with the kids. I want to make this again with rabbit meat.


I really hope I have some more bags of those onions and peppers. I’m pretty sure there is at least one more hiding in the freezer. I have a quarter of this bag left, which would either top a pizza or go in omelets for breakfast. Probably omelets tomorrow with sweet potato tater tots as I found a bag of those in the freezer. Once I have the rabbit heads out of there (I take them to SARDIS Raptor Center tomorrow) I will be able to look around and see what is in there a lot easier.

Sienna gained weight! She was up to 4 lb 2.4 oz today. She is 10 weeks old today and is on par with a ten week old kit from Phoebe or Lola’s first litter, but small in comparison to one from Piper (unless it was the runt), Andromeda, or Sweetie Belle. Good enough. I am officially done worrying about her. Cinnabun, at 13.5 weeks old, is doing great, too. She is starting to look more mature, too, and has just the tiniest start of a dewlap. Her fur is darkening since we got her. Her color should start to set at 16 weeks old, the breeder said. She may end up as dark as Wildfire, which would be great. I don’t think Sienna will be that dark. She’s got a lighter red coloring, but it’s still very pretty.

I am tempted to maybe show Cinnabun. Her conformation is just beautiful. I just worry about all the illnesses that can be at shows. I wouldn’t want to risk my rabbitry, just because she is beautiful and I think she could win. And I know Wildfire could win. I’ve never seen a more handsome New Zealand Red. But I just don’t know that it is worth it.

When we have these next batches of kits I think I will go back to tracking weights. Just having them all has been such a peace of mind thing for me to look back on and compare Sienna and Cinnabun to.

I bought some lettuce starts today. I will transplant them into the window boxes either tomorrow or Sunday. They are beautiful. I got green bib and red romaine. I can’t wait until they get big enough to start harvesting the outer leaves.


2 thoughts on “I’m Going to Have to Start Making My Own

  1. The starch in the powdered sugar is really important if you are making something like frosting for a cake. It doesn’t mix up the same otherwise. Trust me, I found that out the hard way!

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