19th Wedding Anniversary

19th Wedding Anniversary

I pretty much took the day off today since it’s my 19th wedding anniversary. Well, I say took the day off. Mostly I mean I stayed off the computer. There have been some interesting developments in the duck department, but I’ll be back to tell you all about that in the morning. I will say we have decided on Welsh Harlequins for our homestead…


2 thoughts on “19th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Jamie says:

    Congratulations on 19 years! What a beautiful ring! I still haven’t gotten mine fixed from when the diamond fell out on our 10th. Maybe I just need to upgrade to something like yours 😉 Hope you enjoyed your day off from the computer!

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    Thanks. These are the rings my husband got me on our 15th. My original rings were gold and it turned out I was allergic to gold, so I wore an antique sterling silver filigree and garnet ring for years until we could afford these ones. Actually, I’d probably still be wearing it if it hadn’t been cut off during a nasty high blood pressure incident, but these ones I love, too, very much.

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