Ready, Set, Go

Ready, Set, Go

I’m all set up with my bathtub duckling brooder. I put the water bottle in there last night so it would be at room temperature when the ducklings come home and not cold. I have my feed in the feeder and sprinkled with brewer’s yeast and it is not by the water to keep the feed as dry as possible and also to make them walk back and forth. The bedding is fluffed and ready. The heat lamp is on and at the right height and temperature. I do need to pick up some chick grit and some hay for the rabbits. Other than that we are good to go.

We will get some grit where we get the ducklings and they might have hay there as well. Otherwise I’ll have to go to Laurel for hay. The local farm store is out of horse quality hay. All they have is alfalfa, which it is my understanding is too rich a hay for them when they already have some alfalfa in their pellets. They have Timothy hay at Laurel so we will check there on the way out to the other place to get the ducks.

A bit of sad news. I lost one of Andromeda’s buck kits. He wasn’t even stiff yet or cold. He wasn’t warm though and his eyes were glazed open. There isn’t a sign on him that anything is wrong with him. This is the second kit I have lost at this age, 13 weeks, from this line. Well, it happened to one of Piper’s kits, and this time it happened to one of her granddaughter’s kits. He died in front of the cage door and it’s the kind that opens in and up, so I had to do some shoving to get the body to move. His poor brother was cuddled up with him like he was trying to keep him warm.

I moved the living brother to a different cage and into quarantine so I can watch him for signs of illness. I will scrub and bleach the other cage out today. I hope he will be okay. He is the one I want to breed with Serena when they both get old enough and then sell as a mating pair after a successful first litter.

He was just fine last night, running around, even jumping into my lap to be pet. He was such a friendly little guy even if he was destined for the stew pot if no one bought him. I am not nearly as broken up about this as I have been in the past. Maybe I’m developing a thicker skin for these things and accepting it as a part of farming. Not sure how I feel about that.


3 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go

  1. The ducky set up looks great, can’t wait to the little quackers, as for the bun, its normal to get the look, sigh and let go when it happens like you talked about.. Hear me out on this, if something is wrong, we can fix it, if something needs more feed, or a little extra TLC, we can “do” something.. but when its perfectly healthy on the last check, and then dead on the next, there is this moment of “what the ” and then with time you do find you can let those ones go in your mind much easier because the truth is, when you ask yourself… Could I have done more, and the answer comes back.. No.. we can move on faster.

    Hope I got that out right, and yes, your little gift is coming, I sent it out to be mailed, I will need to double check with hubby on when he in fact got it from the office to the post office (sorry I really don’t get off the farm that much)

  2. valbjerke says:

    Your duckling brooder looks good – suggestion – take the cover off the feeder – our ducklings had trouble with the chick style feeder. Also be prepared to change out to a different style of waterer soon – ducks have to muck up their feed with water to digest it. If you go to a pan – keep it very shallow, with no oil on them from the mom, they cannot get wet, and can actually ‘drown’ in a very small amount of water.
    Please post pics of the ducklings – I would like to see what they look like – we’ve only had Pekins. 😊

  3. valbjerke says:

    Oh – and when you bring them home take each one and plunk its bill in both the water and the food – they sometimes don’t catch on themselves. Watch for packed dried poop on their behinds – pull it off if you see any – they can actually get blocked up. (You probably know all this stuff) 😃

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