All Moved In

All Moved In

Today was moving day for the ducklings and chicks. The ducks are very happy with their new area. I keep reading about how ducks hate change, but I tell you, these little ones sure seem to love having more space to spread out in. They also have much surer footing on the sandy floor. And it is very nice that the water is not getting all sludgy. Yes, it still gets dirty, but the sand settles to the bottom and the water on top stays clear. It looks dirty, but it really isn’t.


The chicks are a little less adventurous, tending to stay bunched together more. Maybe that is because Mom only has one heat lamp for them. I think she should get another one to put in since the brooders we built are so large. They might be willing to go a bit further with more area warmed up. They still go and get their food and water, but they tend to hurry back to the heat lamp. If she doesn’t go get one for them I probably will.

It is hard not to sit out there and just watch them all day, but there is no time for that right now. Too much to do.


We used these corner fasteners to build the brooder boxes. It made them much easier to put together. We just had to make sure that every corner came together so that if one end of the boards was on the outside edge at the corner, it was on the inside edge at the next corner. Otherwise our box would have been off by half an inch on two sides and then the bottom board would have not connected right and the sand would have gone through the 1/4 inch openings it would have left. We used some 2″ x 2″ posts that were lying around for the inside corners, so that was not an additional expense. I don’t even know what they were originally for.

We moved one of the young doe kits out of the cage with the other two doe kits. The one that was being picked on is the one that it was easiest to catch so she got her own digs. It’ll only be for a day or two, but she should have the last day or two of her life free from that kind of stress. I also gave Serenity and Lola their nesting boxes. They both hopped right in and got to work fixing the boxes to their liking, and in Lola’s case, pushing it into the center of the cage where she wanted it. Less than a week now and we will have kits. It will be nice to have something positive happening in the rabbit shed again.

The husband and I got all the t-posts driven in for the new fence and we got about 1/4 of it hung. We will try to get the rest of it hung tomorrow and two gates put up. We are using 1/2″ plastic mesh fencing like this:

fence mesh

The husband also did some work on the compost pile since we needed to put the fence through one end of it so it had to be moved. It really needed to be turned anyway. The silly hens kept getting in the way. They wanted to explore all the goodies he was unearthing. We need to move the smaller compost pile into the larger one. It is in the way of where we want to plant a tree. Hopefully that will get done this week, but who knows? We also need to add some straw since it is a little anaerobic at the moment.

One of my lettuce plants died. Not sure why, it just sort of went limp and then keeled over. All the other ones are doing fine, as are all my other window plants. They’ve all been treated the same with the same amount of watering and sunshine. Oh, well. These things happen. Maybe it just wasn’t a strong plant to begin with.


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