Successful Breeding Day

Successful Breeding Day

Today we bred Phoebe with Wildfire and Andromeda with Starbuck. Before doing so, though, we put Leo and Alexander out in a couple of rabbit tractors. I didn’t think it was fair to leave the other bucks nearby when they had no chance at a doe and it was a beautiful day so out they went. They seemed to enjoy their time outside and they were far enough away from the rabbit shed to not hear all the commotion.

Both Wildfire and Starbuck completed their masculine duties within about the first 30 seconds, but we left the pairs together for a few hours. Starbuck seems to have finally learned the art of grooming his lady love. Andromeda still does not seem to understand that she isn’t supposed to try to dominate Starbuck, but he puts up with it less than the last time they bred.

Tomorrow is day 30 in the pregnancies of Lola and Serenity so I start back on Kindle Watch. I hope all goes well with both of them. They certainly have plenty of nesting materials in their cages and both have nests dug out of them. Serenity’s is in the nesting box. Lola’s is not. Lola has never given birth in a nesting box. Serenity has only had one litter and hers wasn’t in one either, but I am hopeful this time will be.

Despite the sad start to the morning, all seems well with the ducklings. The littlest one is still seeming to be okay, though she is not as fast as she was before. I’ll continue to watch her. Special Pekin seems to be doing fine, too. He was actually moving around today just as quickly as the other ducklings. That doesn’t mean he isn’t having seizures, of course, but at least I didn’t see any today.

The gates got hung today and we picked up the materials for the duck house. We bought turquoise paint for the outside of it. I just wanted something bright and different and fun.

My leg is really bad today. I had to use the cane for the first time in forever. It wasn’t too bad when I woke up, but it got bad really fast and I’ve been limping for most of the day. I’m icing my knee to try to reduce the swelling, but there’s not much I can do about the quad, the IT band and the piriformus muscle going into spasm. The calf on that leg is acting up really badly as well and the hip is not throwing parades, either. Everything has to be done slowly and with much more thought than usual. I hope this flare up doesn’t last long. I have too much to do to be sidelined by my disability acting up.


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