A Big Change and A Quick Update on the Homestead

A Big Change and A Quick Update

It took me two months to make the decision to do it, but I got my hair cut for the first time in two to three years. Above is the before shot. It was such a hard decision to make. I loved my hair, as did my husband, but I have been getting frequent headaches and I was pretty sure it was the weight of my hair.

Below is the after shot:


I did not get it colored. My hair is darkening as I get older and all the sun-drenched hair got cut off as it was heavily layered and thinned out so all the underneath hair and the stuck in a pony-tail hair is now visible. I will miss my auburn tones but they will come back as I spend time in the sun again.

Today I canned 3 pints and 2 1.5 pint jars of hamburger and 7 pints of chuck roast. My mother heard a noise that I did not hear that she thought sounded like a jar cracking. I hope not. I am still waiting for the pressure to come down. I think it might have been one of the 1.5 pint jars if it was.

We still have 9 ducklings, but Special Pekin had a seizure this afternoon when I was giving them their dandelion greens and again tonight when I was topping off their food and water. He still seems perfectly fine afterwards. It takes him about 10 seconds of sitting before he is up and off again, but that’s all. He can eat and drink and navigate. I just don’t know. Seizures seem to be common in Pekins. I wish I had known that. Oh, well, they are sweet birds, and the rest all seem fine. He only has to make it until he is old enough to be butchered. It is what he was bought for. Of course I want to keep the underdog, but I won’t in this case. The brain damage will likely get to the point he couldn’t function eventually if I let him grow up so…Anyway, they are doing fine otherwise, including the survivor of the chicken trouncing.

I am wondering if the male and female Welsh Harlequins grow at different rates. I have 2 that are quite a bit larger, almost as big as the smallest Pekin, and 3 that are smaller. If the males grow faster, then that might mean I have 3 female Welsh Harlequins, which would be wonderful. But it may be wishful thinking. Before the one died, it was smaller, too. A 4 to 2 female to male ratio would have been perfect. Oh, well. Nothing can be done about any of it. I’ll know soon enough. The males will get the curled tail feather, the females will quack and the males will make a different noise, somewhere between 1 to 2 months old. I just have to be patient.

The little meat chicks are growing fast. Not as fast as those Frankenstein Cornish cross birds do, but still, faster than laying hens. They run around a lot, but they also sleep a lot. They eat a ton compared to my ducks. The husband swept a spider into their brooder today and boy did the one that got it move faster than lightning. He was delighted in his prize.

No rabbit kits yet, so Lola and Serenity are definitely going for day 31 or day 32 in their pregnancies. They both still look like they are more than ready to get it over with, though. Serenity begged for petting and of course got a ton of head rubs. Lola is not as stand-offish as usual, but she will never be a rabbit that wants petting. I wish she were. Hopefully they will have their babies by morning. Being on Kindle Watch always makes me nervous until it is over and I know that the kits are all safely tucked in the nesting boxes.


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