One Down, One to Go

Lola did a great job. She had seven kits and all look healthy and well-fed as of this evening. She ate all the placentas and all the bloody hay. She is such a good mother.

We are still waiting on Serenity to have her kits. We double checked through all of her hay and her nesting box in case she just didn’t pull fur, but no sign of babies. She did growl at us for messing with her nesting box, though. Her sides are still jumping so I’m pretty sure there are kits in there. Hopefully she will have them by morning.

I did not catch Special Pekin in a seizure at all today on the three times I checked on the ducklings. He was sitting down under the heat lamp for quite some time staring at the wall, but then he got up and ran around and drank some water and ate some feed, so maybe he was just cold. I am glad I didn’t see any seizures, but still will believe the vitamin therapy is working only if we go a few days without me seeing one.

I ordered some special duck vitamins from Metzer Farms. Hopefully they will come quickly. I want them because when the ducks get older I am going to make my own feed with barley, wheat, oats, corn, field peas, and sunflower seeds. I can get 25 pound bags of each item that I need from a small, local feed mill that is only organic, non GMO. It’ll cost $100, but it should last a while. I am going to grind the seeds myself in a corn cracker. Then I can make up 8 pounds at a time. I think the feed will be fresher that way. Then I will just add the duck vitamins to the water and give them free choice chick grit, and when they get to laying age, offer free choice oyster shell. I will use up the non-GMO barley I have on hand first before starting on the organic, though.

The ducks really seem to like the Purina Flock Crumbles that I’ve started mixing in with their organic chick starter. This was the first day that they almost wiped out their feed trough between afternoon check and evening check. So they definitely find it tasty. I just wish Purina did an organic flock feed. The littlest Welsh Harlequins finally look like they are growing. The duckling that was injured by Georgie seems completely back to normal. I think I can stop crossing my fingers now on that one.


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