When You Give a Kid a Pig-Shaped Pancake…

When You Give a Kid a Pig-Shaped Pancake...

…he’s going to want to raise a pig. However, that is a few years off. I honestly don’t know how the pancake turned out shaped like a pig, either. I was a little distracted when pouring the batter. The extent of my pancake artistry is generally mouse ears and I haven’t even made ones like that since the kids were small.

My kids really do want pigs, though. I think for right now chickens, ducklings, chicks, and turkeys are enough. And maybe quail. Big animals like pigs and goats will have to wait until we move. The land here just cannot support much more than what we have. Unless we gave up the garden. We are not giving up the garden.

I’ve been trying to figure out housing for the turkey poults and chicks and it is just really expensive. The turkeys need more height than a 4 x 8 x 4. If we did an 8 x 8 we’re talking about $400 just in materials. We have a 10 x 10 x 7 vinyl shed that we put out at our in-laws house when we moved to town. It is full of our Christmas stuff. There is room in our storage facility to put our Christmas displays now, so I think our best option will be to move everything out of it, take it down and move it here for the turkeys. We will have to cut windows in it for ventilation and put roosts and nesting boxes in it, but that won’t be hard. Unless the husband can come up with something different. There are some designs that might be doable for less money.

We will also have to build a covered run for them. Unfortunately I did not realize that Royal Palm turkeys can fly and they like to roost up in trees. The likeliest trees they would go for would be in our neighbors’ yards. That will not be acceptable to the neighbors. It’s either that or clip one wing every 3 weeks because their feathers grow so fast. That might be easy when they are small, but not when the toms reach 16 pounds. Probably not even when the hens reach 10 pounds. My rabbits weigh nine to twelve pounds and when they don’t want to do something it doesn’t get done. I imagine a turkey would be similar with the squirmy factor.

I keep watching for free pallets and shipping crates on Craigslist but so far nothing has come up this month. It sure would be nice to cut the costs of materials.


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