Their Spots are Coming In

Their Spots are Coming In

The Royal Palm turkeys are turning white and their black striping is starting to come in. Right now it looks like spots, but that will change as those markings get bigger and grow together.

They are fully feathered in the wings, but that is pretty much it. Maybe a few tail feathers.


That’s enough for them to fly pretty well, though.


We got the turkeys and chicks moved out to the big brooder box yesterday and have finished (more or less) designing the turkey house and pen. I hope we will get the house completed before the weekend. The pen floor is going to be a series of wire grow boxes for greens and a few areas of dirt to scratch and take dust baths in. The greens will be planted in the ground and grow up through the wire that is a few inches off the ground. The turkeys and chickens can peck at the part of the greens that grow up through the wire, but can’t get at the roots to pull them out. I’m not sure how big the pen will end up but we are starting out with it being 4 feet wide by 12 feet long by 8 feet high. It may become 8 feet by 12 feet as they get bigger. The house will be 4 feet wide by 8 feet long by 8 feet high.

I finally got some individual shots of each turkey and chick. We won’t assign names to the turkeys until we know what sexes they are, but if we have one of each sex they will be George and Gina Gobbles Goblington of the Pacific Northwest Goblingtons and that will be our breeding pair. The other two will be named Thanksgiving and Christmas.






Barnevelder Chicks:









I managed to hurt myself tonight. I missed the last step on the porch and almost fell. I managed to catch myself, but I jammed up all the muscles on one side of my body when I did. I really hope I feel okay tomorrow. The last thing I need is to be totally useless tomorrow. We need to get that coop built. It wasn’t even my bad side, which I am used to compensating for. I don’t have time to be hurt right now.

I will try to do a rabbit update tomorrow. The kits are 3 weeks old. I did weights tonight and will post those tomorrow. I also put up a bunch of photos on my pages yesterday and today of the animals.

Oh, and I started my straw bale garden. I began conditioning the first four bales yesterday and got two more bales going today. We still need to get some more. I want a total of 25 bales for 100 square feet of growing space. I will have one single row and then two double rows with two feet in between for walkways. That way I can sit in a chair and garden, which will make things so much easier for my bad knee.


3 thoughts on “Their Spots are Coming In

  1. I’ve never raised Royal Palms before… I’d like to hear your opinion of them. They look like they’re going to be pretty birds with pretty awesome names 🙂

    • LuckyRobin says:

      I find them to be very friendly, sweet, and charming, but they want to fly everywhere. I didn’t realize until after I brought them home that they were going to grow up to be flyers, but Royal Palms are, and they want to roost high, like up in trees or on top of their coops, not in them. So we will have them in a tall, covered pen during the day and not free ranging. When we move we hope to build a very large pen around a big tree so if they want to roost in it, they can.

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