A Little Bit of Everything

I am very, very tired, so just a quick blurb or two tonight. The yard is starting to look very inviting with gorgeous flowers springing up everywhere. I think the above are a form of hyacinth. And the lilacs have started blooming and the scent is downright heady.


We’ve had some storming going on since last night and there is all kinds of debris around the yard. We were still able to get all the hardware put on the turkey coop and the perches are up.


Tomorrow we will get the corrugated roofing put on. We still need to cut the hole for the birds to get out and make the ramp, but that will probably wait until the next time the husband gets back from Alaska. He leaves on Tuesday and I just don’t know if we will have the time to get it done. Especially since we need to take a run to the feed mill. Since the turkeys and chicks won’t be going outside for another 3 weeks it is not a big deal to not have their door and ramp done yet. As long as I can access the food and water, which I can, and clean out the coop, which I can, they can move in and be happy in their larger space.

I am on kindle watch again. I’m not very anxious this time, but I am impatient to see if we will get any reds from the Phoebe x Wildfire breeding. It is day 30 in the pregnancies of both Andromeda and Phoebe. So either tomorrow or the next day we should have babies. Both rabbits seemed very tired today and spent a lot of the day sleeping. I am not worried about Phoebe at all, she is a good mother and likes to give birth in the nesting box. Andromeda was kind of insane the last time she had babies so who knows how she will be this time.

Oh, I had a wonderful thing happen. Lola let me pet her. She was plopped in front of her cage door and when I opened it to put in fresh hay, she didn’t move. So I stroked a finger over her forehead and she still didn’t move. She let me full on pet her after that. I can’t even remember the last time Lola let me do that. She is generally so standoffish, so it was a lovely moment. Maybe she is so used to the kits crawling all over her now, she’s just more agreeable to being touched.

I weighed all the rabbits that aren’t quite at breeding age yet, but who will be breeders.

Kalia is 9 lb 5.1 oz! I never thought this day would come. Okay, she’s 6.5 months old, so she is technically old enough to breed, but I want to get her to 10 pounds before I breed her for the first and possibly only time. We won’t know for sure what her genetics might do, and there is only one way to find out. If I hadn’t lost her mother I probably would never breed her due to her history, but she’s a fine looking rabbit, she has Piper’s temperament and Starbuck’s fur quality despite her rough start in life.

Serena, who will be 6 months old on the 23rd is 8 lb 8.5 oz, Cinnabun who is almost 5 months old is 8 lb 14.1 oz, and Sienna who is 4 months old is 7 lb 8.3 oz. Alexander, who will be 5 months old on the 15th, is 8 lb 4.1 oz, so everyone is moving along pretty well. Serena is a little bit small, but she was bred for coat quality and ear shape and based on her parentage will get bigger.

The ducks are growing very big. They will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. The Welsh Harlequin markings are beautiful.





The group:


The Pekins are getting huge. I can see why some people might butcher them this young.

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